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8-1-2002 Vikki is WATCHING The Tribe on WAM!
Over the TV in the living room is one of the atomic clock things. The kind which set themselves by a shortwave radio signal. Today I noticed that it had been just one year since Disky and I moved into our new house. Bear with me ; ) this is a sort of long story which really goes nowhere. When we moved in we ended up upgrading our satellite service (no longer online but I spend a few months deciding to buy into Dish Network instead of DSS a few years ago) to Dish 150 so we could get a free new dish installed. About a day or so thereafter I started flipping around all the new channels and came across a bunch of teenagers dressed in strange leather outfits, wearing tribal makeup, and hanging around inside a burned out shopping mall. I watched a few minutes and was wondering what was going on. I was even more confused when I turned in the next day and the episode on then has some of the same characters but was obviously form a different part of the show. It took a while for me to figure things out and the schedule on the web site was useless. In case you have WAM! and want to watch they are playing one new episode each week. (on Fridays with a repeat on Sat morning and another showing on Monday evening) the rest of the week they show older episodes. Currently they are no longer showing the first two seasons of the series (when I wrote they said they would never show the first season again, but when asked would not say why). As I looked into the series more, I learned that it had already been on TV for several years! What an unusual and addictive show it is too!

Here is the basic plot of the series:
In the near future in New Zealand a man made plague wipes out everyone above puberty. All the kids are left to fend for themselves. The story follows one main tribe which move into a shopping mall and eventually call themselves the Mallrats. Constant emotional, physical and political struggles threaten to tear the tribe apart.

Right now WAM! is showing the very end of the third season. In NewZealand they are preparing to tape Season 5 (starting in Early October)

1 cup Max Max
1 cup Flies (Lord of)
1 cup Days of our Lives
1 ts Face Painting

Complete synopsis of all episodes as well as tons of pictures and a few video clips are online at but be warened that they are revealing spoilers about a year in advance of what we are watching here in the United States.

2-10-2001 Vikki is LISTENING to some wonderful things she thought she would never ever hear. When I first got these in the mail I was surprised, but them by surprise turned to amazement. First up, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes ( 38:47) contained not only that movies soundtrack but also the soundtrack for Battle for the Planet of the Apes! (34:43) and it even had the theme form the Planet of the Apes TV Series as well! The booklet was packed with interesting liner notes and pictures form the production I had never seen!

Beneath the Planet of the Apes had a soundtrack album in 1970. However it had little to do with the movie. This CD contains that entire funkee album (with dialogue and a reduced orchestra) as well as the original motion picture soundtrack, some damaged bonus tracks, and beeping and popping mind control special effects! Lukas Kendall has done a wonderful job of unearthing and then producing CD's of this unusual and interesting material!

There are tons of other CD's you can order online including: Fantastic Voyage, The Illustrated Man, The Omega Man, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Mad Monster Party! Log-on and hear Real Audio sample tracks!

Both of these (and tons more classic soundtracks) can be found at Film Score Monthly they also offer a great magazine which you can subscribe to!

12-9-2001 New DVD's Ate My Wallett!
This month I have encountered a new problem. Things are being released on DVD way too fast. In fact so fast that I can no longer afford to buy half of the things I want to see. Gee, i never had this problem with laserdisks! Anyhow, this month I found a lot of fun things.
Planet of the Apes the Complete TV Series was at the top of my list this month. All 14 episodes on 4 DVD's in one box! This series was one of my favorites when it was first on and I could never understand why it never caught on. It includes all the episodes including my favorite "The legacy" and one which was not shown on TV until recently "The Liberator"!
Phantom of the Paradise is a great DVD and a nearly perfect print of this Paul Williams musical. After all how many horror musicals are there? Ok, so how many horror musicals are there directed by Brian De Palma! the songs are great too! This dvd also comes with French language mono track. Some of the trailers are interesting. It has a movie previuew for Rocky Horror, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), and for some reason Big Trouble in Little China. It also has a preview for Phantom, but the preview is sans narator track and words. I have seen the preview for Phantom and it is very similar to this, but there was narration and stuff. The credits on the movie seen to be the originals. When I saw this on TV years ago it appeared that they re-added the credits over on top of the video which made for a jarring effect. The rating on the movie was PG but as I recall the original movie was "R". I may be wrong about that. Also interesting is the fact that the picture on the cover is reversed. The Phantom only had one eye. His left eye. The other was destroyed by the record press. This mask has a shaded plastic insert covering the bad eye so you can not see it. If you want to see a movie that screams mid 1970's all over it this is the flick for you! If you really like this you might want to collect the female action figure inspired by this movie.
Resurrection of Monstress Limited Edition Phanteana is one of a series of japanese imported figures. These figures come with a ton of extras. While she is not reating the phantom mask it does come with a tiny owl wearing the Pahntom mask and her coustume is partialy made up of phantom masks. The keyboard is a cool extra and it also come with some equipment similar to the one seen in the movie. This figure goes well with the Howling Wolfonica ( A punker female warewolf figure (comes complete with guitar and amps) now all they need to do is make a drummer and you could have a hole band! You can find then on under the keyword monstress! Also check out the Gillealla figure. A female version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. All of these figures are made by Hobby base/Yellow Sumbarine of Japan Each comes in a standard and a special edition version. Coro of items varies and some versions have glow in the dark parts! the company also ahs a web site
Thunderbirds Set 4 is out this month. I have some of the earlier sets. This one has some very good episodes which I highly reccommend. The Man From MI5 is one of the all time best episodes of the series as they take on spy movies big time. Lady Penelope utters the imortal line "I don't mind beaing tied up, really I don't" which was used int he ITC video remixes of the 1980's. Attack of the Alligators sees the puppets mennaced by giant alligators! they used real alligators to film this episode. And in the Impostors you get to meet the hillbilly branch of International Rescue with Jeremiah Tuttle and his Ma's exploding beans!
Thumb Wars is a freaky things I watched on TV a year or so ago. It came out on DVD and I had to get it! call it a guilty pleaseure. Basically all the characters are thumbs with faces added on via video and computers. It is relaly freaky to see a mouth on the end of a thumb. None of the charactes have noses. It is basically a retelling of Star Wars with a cast of thumbs. there is also a selection of previews for other projects including Thumbtantic!

Coming out soon! Buffy the Vampire Slayer the first TV season, Another Starship Troopers DVD (The Hydora Campaign) , Buckaroo Banzai the special edition (includes all the stuff the cut out including the beginning with the death of Bucakroo's parents) , Moulin Rouge!

10-16-2001 New DVD's offer some unusual entertainment. Starship Troopers Vol 2 and DOOMWATCH This weel I had a hard time deciding on what DVD's to get at the store. I was severely tempted by the Criterion Collections DVD of Fiend Without a Face. A really unusual British film from the 1960's in which stop motion brains and spinal cords attack humans. It had special features which rere amazing for a film that old! Alos there were several Doctor Who DVD's looking at my wallet, but I ended up selecting the second DVD in the Roughnecks Starship Troopers series of DVD's. I was a bit surprised when i got this DVD home and discovered it was actually the third block of stories, and not the second. The second DVD should have been set on desert planet. Instead this DVD had a later bit of the series set on a jungle planet. The animation is amazing and some of the action is just great. Unline the first volume this DVD included audio comentaries and a few brief trailers. It also has 3 extra language tracks and subtitles in 7 languages! Strangely enough the DVD is marked only for region 1 though. Well worth getting!

On the way out I saw something I thought I would never ever see on DVD! The 1972 motion picture version of DOOMWATCH. DOOMWATCH was a environmental sci-fi series created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis (creators of the Cybermen on Doctor Who) which ran in England for three contriversal seasons. Though the first season was considered outstanding later seasons were not. The series is very very interesting. If you liked the Green Death episode of Doctor Who you would love DOOMWATCH. The series dealth with various things form rats who would attack human beings to the problems of noise polution and jet lag taken to the extreme. In the pilot a virus gets loose which eats plastic. Not to bad of a threat you might think unless it gets loose on a jet airliner as it dis in the pilot. Anyhow a special branch of the government is set up as a watchdog group to keep science from running rampant, thus DOOMWATCH. Those wacky corprate scientists are always doing something with no concern for human life just to prove a point! This movie features many of the regulars form the TV series, but the star, Ian Bannen, is not familiar to me. It is also shot without the sets from the series. And the main DOOMWATCH scientist, Dr. Quist, only appears in a few scenes. The movie is not as good as most of the episodes of the TV series, but it is still an interesting British movie. It was out briefly on VHS video during the late 80's. Now thanks to Image Entertainment it is now out on DVD! Snatch it up quickly. For some reason they only used a sort of B&W tinted cover. The VHS video had a full color cover on it. CHECK IT OUT QUICKLY BEFORE IT VANISHES.

10-5-2001 I have been wraping my mind around William F. Nolan's Dark Universe for the past two days. I have been a big fan of Nolan's since reading Logan's Run books (Logan's World, Logan's Search, Logan's Return (in electronic format only and now, sadly, out of 'virtual' print) and of course the original Logan's Run with George Clayton Johnson) however this collection spans farther and wider than the teritory covered by Sam Space! Speaking of which, the Sam Space novels are a ton of fun! Space for Hire 1971 and Look Out for Space 1985.

Varried in style as his work matured and broadened out over the years, this collection showcases 41 of the author's best short works displayed for the reader in chronological order. This is the perfect time of year for such a horror anthology. The party is one of the high point of the book. I had never read that one before. This collection is well put together in a very nice volume with marbled end pages and, unline most of the other harbound books I have been reading lately, nicely cut signatures which make reading this collection a breeze rather than a chore. Many a publishing house could take a lesson from this fine book!

Stealth Press is to be congratulated on the volume. Buy it as a haloween gift, or anytime. It is a great gift for the Logan's Run fan on your list! A little bit of horror form Pappa Logan will send chills up just about anyone's spine!

For a taste check out Stoner form March of 1988 or go to the Stealth Press web site and buy a copy!

7-10-2001 I am bemoaning the death of Napster today. It just hit me what Napster was like. Napster was like the Great Library at Alexandria. A huge collection of writings now lost forever. However Napster was far more generous and gave anyone access to the collection for free. Napster even let you share your own works and collections with others. At its peak Napster was the single greatest collection of the music, sound, and spoken words the world has ever known. Songs were even written about Napster! One of which can be listened to here. I realize now how much I will miss this resource. I am constantly reminded of Harrison Bergeron. I watched the movie they made out of that story a few years ago and thought it slightly amusing. How prophetic it was. I have the feeling in the future that I will have to describe to others what Napster was and at some point it will fade into history just like the Great Library at Alexandria did and people will not be able to remeber why. How will I be able to describe this vast collection? Sure there are alternatives and Napster's current attempt to re-invent itself as a pay service, but the Napster of old has now faded into history.
Napster! The First Lost Wonder of the Internet World!

5-10-2001 I recently started reading obscure books of the late 60's and 70's. Kronk by Edmond Cooper sticks in my mind but the one I am currently reading is This Perfect Day by Ira Levin. Ira was the same person who wrote the book Rosemary's Baby, the Stepford Wives, and the Boys From Brazil. In this unusual 1970 tale he tells us of a not so utopian society in which semi drugged inhabitants are guided by an all knowing computer as they work towards genetic unification. Of course every society has its disidents. In this case disidents who want to feel emotions and smoke tobaco! What strikes me is how the author introduces so much localized future slang while not have it seem too contrived. Starting out following the youth known as Chip as he realizes his personal identity. There is nothing like early 1970's and very late 1960's science fiction For a time of such termoil, writers seemed to have a free reign as to what the future would hold. now here in 2001 we realize that, the the most part, the future was just more of the same with some nice improvements to air conditioning, television, and computers. You can usually find a copy of this book on e-bay ( at the time of writing this there were 3 hardbound copies up for auction) so you might want to visit and do a search for Ira Levin! Oh it does not have a very happy ending. but not a hugely bad ending either.

Other new DVD's which might interest you

Flash Gordon. All the serialized episodes are not avaliable on a 3 DVD boxed set. You get almost 800 minutes of really unusual early Sci-Fi entertainment for just twelve pennies a minute! 'Don't aim for the Earthman's spaceship, aim for the wires!" I should also mention that the Flash gordon serial has also just come out. Worth watching as well.

Reboot Season III All the episodes uncut with some interesting extras including some character tests. Most of the special features seem to be on the first of the four DVD's though. Four 20 minute episodes on each DVD. See the credits that Cartoon Network didn't show to you! No boxed set yert but ADV Films has also put out now if only the will put out the hacked second season that ABC choped up! Also from ADV Films is another Mainfram show War Planets... Uh.. I mean Shadow Warriors. Released with the original title this is the same one season toy inspred show which ran briefly then vanished. Vanished a lot quicker than the toys which still seem to be hanging round the clearance iasles of Toys R Us.

Stargate SG1 the First Season Boxed Set This set contains the first season of this great adventure show which is first run on Showtime.. then syndicated. if you have never seen this show it is well worth checking out. It has the syndicated credits, but it is also letterboxed to the aspect ratio it was shot in.

12-9-2000 I have been watching a number of new DVD's lately. I was surprised that Time Machine: the Journey Back was contained on this DVD. It had been selling previously for around $30 on VHS form the company which made it. i have had to remove the link to their page as it seems to have been taken down. Anyhow you get a fantastic looks like it was shot yesterday copy of the time machine with an impressive audio track. As well as the full documentary and the mini movie which has the Time traveler and his Scottish friend reunited in a very short mini movie. Well worth the price of admission.

Also out is the first volume of Reboot season III. Complete and uncut with a ton of extra stuff tacked onto the DVD. The extras include character tests and a few background tests. Some rather interesting things. Well worth adding to your collection. The second volume (of four) should be out by the time you read this.

9-23-00 Get Bitten by The Kindred

Another of those short lived shows on Fox , Kindred: The Embraced (originally titled World of Darkness during production) was really quite good. The series basically dealt with four clans of vampires living in our society. Through a bit of sidestepping they have positioned themselves behind a screen of lies called "the masquerade" which is all that keeps them hidden form the humans they feed on. This series was killed off very quickly! In fact not all the episodes were even shown do if you saw it once you will want to get the DVD to see the missing episode. On this special DVD you get all the episodes of the series including the pilot with a slightly different ending. A special not on the pilot though... it is missing all of the scenes at the funeral, so don't throw away your VHS tape of the pilot! All the rest of the episodes seem to be complete. The show was candled and the shows fantastic male vampire lead died in real life in a accident the following year cutting short a brief but interesting career. Well worth the cost of the DVD and you get the entire series (including one unshown episode) in one tiny box! This would have been a great show to follow Buffy!

8-?-2000 I must say I am very impressed by some of the recent DVD's I have been seeing in stores. This one disc caught my eye at once. Disky and I watch Stargate SG-1 on Friday evenings on Showtime (frankly the only reason I keep Showtime at all!) and enjoy the series very much.

This DVD contained the pilot (uncut), which was about 80-90 minutes as well as the first two regular episodes of the show. (The Enemy Within and Emancipation) Better than that they were all in letterbox format and the picture quality was exceptional!

The disk itself had one of the coolest four color logos I have ever seen on a DVD with the Stargate itself in the center and a nice small logo over the watery event horizon.

I understand that in England they have several DVD's out of various best of this and that season. However I have not seen any further disks in the United States. The episodes on this disc also feature different (I assume European) credit sequences. They feature the cast for more than do the ones I see every week on Showtime (which consist of a Egyptian mask shown in extreme closeup).

On the horizon is a new version of Logan's Run the movie (1976) which will be coming out on August 22nd, 2000.

Also in stores now is the first (of I hope many) DVD's of Land of the Lost episodes. You might also want to check out the H.R. Pufnstuff and Sigmund the Sea Monster as well.

7-9-00 Logan Runs Again... or did he? Rockin' out with Logan's Sanctuary

One of the most interesting things I have come across in a long time is this CD by Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell called Logan's Sanctuary Its is a soundtrack for a never produced sequel to the movie Logan's Run. It has the flavor and consistency of late 70's synthesized music. It most reminds me of the first season record for Space 1999. It also features a vocal track on track #2 Search For Tomorrow that borders on the insanity of rock songs in 70's movie like Barberella and the theme for Buck Rogers or maybe even a James Bond theme. It has the feel of a soundtrack made in late 1977 or maybe 1978. From the haunting themes in some of the songs that seem to linger in my stereo long after the track has ended. Vintage instruments give it a 'special sound' rarely heard on modern recordings. Even Disky was astounded by the CD insert and its various images of a never made movie. Frankly I am wondering if they have sent a copy to the makers of the new Logan's Run movie yet. A retro soundtrack might give a unique feel to the new movie.

Go buy it!

5-28-00 Browse my Bookshelf of TV Tie-Ins and other things!

For many many years I have been collecting TV-Tie in books and storing them away. Sometimes these books come out well after the series has been candled. Some of them are hard to find as as the shows ratings would go down so would the print run of each successive book in the series! Some of these you may never know existed before. Check out my bookshelf here!

5-8-00 GvsE becomes Good VS Evil and then gets candled!

Well It was nice to see some more episodes. I really enjoyed this quirky series. the final few episodes run on the Sci-Fi channel this month under the title Good vs Evil. there is a little web site with some nice pictures off the main Sci-Fi page. You might want to do some picture grabbing while you can. I probably will put together a web page about the series once it vanishes from other sites. I would bet that in about 10 years it is going to be one of those very collectible shows which no one has bothered to tape all the episodes of.

5-7-00 Vikki packs up her Toyshelf

It is getting closer to the time to move so my project for this coming weekend is to pack up all the remaining collectible toys and get them ready for the move. I won't be moving until the fall, but I want most of the things packed up long before then. I will be creating a web site about my 'RL' toy shelf with pictures of the various ites I have placed upon it over the years. This will probaby be up within two weeks of writing this. A link will be here when it is completed.

4-24-00 Stargate SG-1 on DVD

Well most companies seem to be trying to cheat you out of your money when you buy a DVD. My thank you goes out to MGM DVD for their marvelous Stargate SG1 series. Not one episode on a DVD, or even two, but three complrete uncut episodes including the hour and a half pilot episode! Well it would be an hour and a half with television commercials. Over three hours in total running time for only $19! You get the neeto pilot and the first two episodes of the first season. Excelent transfer and to boot it is in letterbox format! For DVD fans this is well worth a look. No extra features (aside from hearing it in other languages (french spanis and of course english) and subitiles and the ever present secene selections) to speak of. Still well worth looking for!

12-30-99 Ah, the joys of old books! Updated 5-10-2001

There were some books as a child which I enjoyed a lot. Series books like Danny Dunn and Tom Swift Jr. held my imagination, but it was some of the more unusual titles which captivated me for hours. First and foremost was The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek (written by Evelyn Sibley Lampman # TX 409 cover price 60 cents) which remains a great out of print childrens book. It had such a sad ending that my father wrote a new ending on the blank page at the end of the book. It is truly amazing to me that it was never made into a movie. The plot revolves around two youths who befriend a very shy talking dinosaur.

The second book is the Mad Scientists Club. There was also a second book during the late 70's called the New Adventures of the Mad Scientist Club. Each chapter related a wacky invention or exploit of the club members. Would have made a great series on Walt Disney Presents! From their own Loch Ness monster to the invasion of the flying saucers (bamboo and tissue paper saucers illuminated and lifted into the air by candles). Each exploit was interesting and amusing. Written by Bertrand R. Brinley and also published by Scholastic Book Services in the late 1960's this makes good bedtime reading for the 5-8 year old range. They come up every so often on eBay so be sure and check them out!

UPDATE 7-2000 It turns out there was a third book published just before Macrae Smith went out of business called The Big Kerplop. And there was a fourth unfinished manuscript called The Big Chunk of Ice, also written by Brinley.

There is also an episode of Disney which adapted the sea monster story, quite badly I understand, and they own the right to all further productions. The one they did do was called "The Strange Sea Monster of Strawberry Lake" so look for it on the Disney Chanel! Oh and check out the way cool Mad Scientist Club Website!

UPDATE 7-2000 New printings of many childrens books from this publisher, and get this, have both books (the first Mad Scientist amd The Shy Stegosauarus) being re-printed this very year! Check it out at:

12-25-99 Happy Xmas! Happy Xmas!

Well the holidays are here. Happy times revisiting old childhood memories. This year I got a Sizzlers set with a fat track. Some of my favorite meories of childhood are of playing with Sizzlers. You may also want to check out my Sizzler Web Page. Loads of info there about the older cars and sets.

This set had a Mach 5 and a GRX car in it.

I should also point out that Playing Mantis has droped the Sizzler line of toys and these were on closeout at a local Toys R Us for $19.95. In the set there is a nice track (though not nearly as long as the one shown on the back of the box. I reccomend you buy two sets. Use the exta straight sections to make your track longer. The Mach 5 (which looks more like the new version) is molded in white and the black glass (which is painted on) is easily scratched. The GRX is completely painted and is much nicer looking than the one in the picture above. It was a blast to play with one of my favorite toys agian.. Especially when it combined one of my favorite childhood TV shows. Shape they will not be making any of the other cool vehicles. I would ahve loved to have seen a Acrobating Racing Team car or a Monster Car set!

12-15-99 Y2K Thoughts / Survivors VS the Good Life

Well it is almost that time. I can't help but think about the late Terry Nation's Tv series from he early 1970's called The Survivors. In this series a foreign country unleashes a virus (most likely an Asian country as shown by the person in t he credits dropping a test tube) killing 95% of everyone (at least in England and Europe) and the series deals which how people used to having everything suddenly plunged into a fight for survival. As stupid as this might sound as a plot for a TV show it was at times good and at least always interesting. The series ran for 3 seasons. this first season dealt with the adjustment and learning about the disease.. and trying to form a group which could survive. There was a lot of scavenging and predators in this season. The second season saw the formation of more feudal communities and collectives as well as trying to deal with adding additional members into the group. the third and final season explored emerging cultures in the 'brave new world' which was populated mostly by some pretty wired characters. The 'Good Life. it is not!

There were some very interesting characters in the first season. In the tradition of most British shows many did not stay for all three seasons. Some left in between seasons and were written out.. other characters were only there for a few episodes and were then killed off. It was sort of bleak series. There were three main characters. Abby Grant (played by Carolyn Seymour) a suburban housewife looking for her son. She appears only in the first season. This is quite a shame as she was probably one of the strongest female portrayals ever seen on any television series. She is especially good in the later episodes. he evidently moves in with another land barron at the end of the first season and every so often some mention is made of her son and sightings of her. The other main character would be Jenny Richards (played by Lucy Flemming) a secretary. She seems really really whiny in the first season but gets better as time goes by. She is in all three seasons in almost all of the episodes. Her character has a lot more trouble adapting. There is also a strong male character Greg Peterson (played by Ian McColloch) who becomes involved with Jenny.

The series falls apart for me with the third season. Sort of like Beauty and the Beast it was mostly a waste of film and talent. I highly recommend if you are looking for a happy ending that you avoid the last three episodes of the third season. or for that matter the third season all together. In the third season Greg (who must have had some other contractual arrangement) appears really in only a few of the episodes. Jenny goes on a huge quest to find him only missing him by minutes in several episodes. This idea would have been OK but they killed off his character. Actually he is killed off in an episode he wrote himself. he also wrote the second episode of the third season as well. He appeared in that one a lot also.

Anyhow watching this series will change your perspectives on a lot of things. After watching it I found myself at flea markets looking at water pumps and kerosene heaters with a new gleam in my eye. if you know any video collectors out there get your hands on a set and watch them before the Y2K bug bites.. Might give you a few good ideas of what to avoid! Course you can always wait and find a gas generaor and watch it after the new year starts! ; )

Some neeto pages to visit include one with an annoying theme song and some way cool info on the series can be found at:


9-17-99 Gee, Sprayed For Bugs Last Week!

Well the fall climate brings out a bunch of bugs. Especially in the uncharted depths of space as seen in Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles. What you have not heard of this series? Don't worry you are not alone. Almost no one has heard of it. I have no idea why there has been no promotion for this series. Based on the book Starship Troopers and also somewhat on the rather violent movie of the same name this new series is just fascinating to watch. Of all the shows this fall none has caught my eye as much as this weekday morning entertainment. An ambitions project to create a 40+ episode television series using 100% CGI! An amazing task. And it is an amazing show! Currently the series is running on Sci-Fi M-Th (keyword Starship on the schedulebot) and on syndicated stations M-F. The model design is excellent. Some of the action is truly movie quality and the writing, for a kids show, is surprisingly good. Danger around every corner, yet no one seems to get killed. Well the bugs do! Though this is not at all like the G.I. Joe cartoon (the nations longest televised war with zero casualties) it is just way fun to watch! I know quite a few adults who are getting up and watching religiously. I must admit I have been taping each and every episode. The big problem is the amount of work it takes to produce a good quality half hour of CGI. Heck, even ReBoot only had like 13 episodes a year! So there are currently a lot of reruns. Good if you missed the first few episodes as they will show up again within about a 2 week cycle. There are a few web pages cropping up about this series. I will list a few of them here. The best by far for info and links is Sicon. which tells you what episode is currently being shown both syndicated and on Sci-Fi. Another problem with the series is the lack of publicity. I hope this will change as word of mouth spreads about this series. Since Sony is so big on DVD I hope they issues the series on DVD someday!

Sony's web page about the series (as of this the date of this writing) was not relaly off the ground yet. Still worth a look at

Otheris include ,, the company doing the animation currently is at,

By far the best resource for any Starship Troopers info (move or TV) is

8-20-99 Purgatory vs Evil

Ah.. the dregs of summer tlevision re-runs. Oh well while waiting for fall I have discovered a few really odd television shows which will be gone quickly if you blink! (in fact it has now been cancled)

First up Good Vs. Evil (GvsE) which really should be named Purgatory vs Evil or Mildy Inneffectual vs Evil. This is a quirky cop buddy show about two deceased people who have been offered a chance to get into heaven by fighting the forces of evil. The old partner has been working at it since the 70's or so his fro and speech patterns seem to indicate.

This show is on the USA TV network on Sundays (an appropriate day I guess) They have a poor web page which does have some really nice streaming Real Video clips giving a behind the scenes look at the show.

7-99 Modeling Madness

Looks like most of these links are no longer good.. try instead...

Well summer is here at the treehouse! Summer when a young vixen's mind turns to thoughts of.. uh.. well.. Plastic model kits and summer re-runs. Yeah! Thats the ticket.

There are some really cool model kits on the market today. I recently went inot a local supermarket and was amazed to see most of the models from my childhood on display as reissued models.

Some od the kits I saw included a varitety of models form Playing Mantis. I have mentioned them on other pages as they were responsible for the new line of Sizzlers a year or two ago. Now they seem to be reissuing all mu childhood favorites! From The Clyclops from Lost in Space to the Bride of Frankenstien! They have even re-issued the "Monster Customizing Kits" as well as may other great Aroura kits. These kits were really just spare parts from other monster models but they were oh so fun to add extra details to your finished models! Last year they reissued the Addams Family Mansion (still avaliable on eToys) and this year they added the classic Munsters at Home model and the Bates Motel. They have also reissued The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Besides re-issues they have created a fantastic new model of the Jupiter II from Lost In Space. This kit features a fully detailed interior including elevator, astrogator, and freezing tube all avalible for the first time in traditional model kit form! Be warned that you will need about 20 defferent colors of paint to finish the model correctly. A list is in the box so whne you buy it you just might want to open it at buy the paint at that point.

Other companies have made some incredibly accurate model kits over the years but sometimes you need a MA degree to assemble them. Some of the best resin and vacuformed models can be found at Lunar Models, but I warn you these are not only expensive but time consuming. Look for all resin or 'hard plastic' kits. they are easier to assemble. The detail on these far surpasses the original props from movies and TV. For more on building garage kits check out the ever fantastic and way cool Gremlins In The Garage!

At a local hobbie shop I discover that AMT is not only re-issuing the classic Star Trek TV models but the Space:1999 models as well. Well at least the Moonbase Alpha and the Eagle models. I found the Moonbase model on eToys as well. I found an Eagle at a Toys R Us store. The new box art on these two kits is fantastic! Now if only they would put out the Hawk Interceptor! Click on the eToys pictures for more details on ordering these kits.


I found out that both of these fine models are avaliable at eToys for a very reasonable price!

And if model kits are 'not your bag' then you can always check out They Might Be Giants!