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Note : Lobby cards were small pictures which would be displayed in the lobby of a theater. Sometime the photographs were in Black and White and almost always they had a one or two color border on one or more sides of the picture proclaiming the cast and crew or at least the title of the movie and how fantastic it was. Some lobby cards were in full color and as time went by they became more elaborate. Some grew to 24x19 inches in size, but there were usually a few standard sizes created for each film. .Lobby cards gave people a chance to see some of the more impressive scenes from a movie, and was used to attract people to see other movies at the same theater. Sometimes these lobby cards would be displayed in advance of a films premier. Lobby cards died out, for the most part) by 1980. they were replaced, for a time, by 8x10 glossy pictures with the title at the bottom of the picture.

In January I started a series of pictures with Vikki in them with a common theme. Each picture would be a poster or lobby card parody of a real movie with, of course, Virtual Vikki in the picture. The idea for this series came from my failed attempt in October of 96 to create a full sized Virtual Vikki movie poster, and not being able to decide on content or a theme. As a result I started jotting down notes for poster and lobby cards which would be fun to recast and put Virtual Vikki into. My first attempt, which I quickly gave up on, was to do a parody of the Mars Attacks poster. This poster featured a bunch of Martian heads stretching off into the distance with one Martian head popping up and looking around. The parody would be called Vixens Attack, but I never actually sat down at a computer and drew it out. This is similar to the piece I have partially finished in which Vikki is asleep dreaming of electronic sheep jumping over a fence. Its a great idea, but I have not gotten around to it yet.

The first actual picture in this series ended up being a lobby card parody of Jason and the Argonauts. Titled Vikki and the Argonauts this picture took me a huge amount of time to create for two reasons. One was I wanted a great looking picture, and secondly was that I was trying to make another Quick Time VR movie out of it. Bryce 2 was used to create the background and the skeletons were designed in Poser 2.0. The added tails were created in Ray Dream Designer then added to the Poser Skeletons. Erlinda did some touch up work on the grass and skeletons and I created a lobby card like border. Finding out what the actual type on the title of this film's poster looked like turned out to be quite a challenge. I was very happy with the lobby card, but not happy with the Quick Time VR movie as I could not get the light just right in Bryce 2. I got a lot of positive response to this picture. The picture area is 640x480 and the extra writing area brings this pic up to 784x642. An odd size to be sure.
The original movie is (c) by MGM/UA. No copyright infringement is intended. In case you can't read it the film's cast includes:

Next up was one of my all time favorite movies Planet of the Apes. In this parody The role reversal was obvious. Vikki would pay a visit to the "Planet of the Hyoomans." My biggest problem was what scene from the movie would be best to so this picture.

I though for quite a while about it. My original idea was to have a similar scene to the opening of Escape from the Planet of the Apes, but I decided against it because it looked less like a parody and more like the real thing. Next was the Statue of Liberty shot. This really did not sketch out all that well as Vikki would be too tiny in comparison. The final image form the move that stuck in my mind was the crashed ship sinking in the water. I decided to go with this. I really, in retrospect, should have gone back and watched the film again as I seem to have forgotten to put in an escape hatch at the top of the ship. Oh well. I'm rather happy with the reflections in the water and some of the other little tricks I used on this picture. Erlinda worked on putting a uniform on Vikki. There is no NASA logo in this picture. I understand that it is not legal to use the NASA logo for some reason so I created my own space agency with a similar logo. The YIFA agency was born. It really does not show up all that well in the final version because of the small size.
The original movie is (c) by APJAC Productions. No copyright infringement is intended.
In case you can't read it the film's cast includes:

My next project was the creation of a movie poster. I really was fascinated by the Mars Attacks poster so I settled on that for my base design. The title took me a while but I finally settled on Vixens Attack! as the name. I spent quite a bit of time trying to render this all as one large picture, but eventually did it the same way that the movie poster was done. I copied and pasted like mad and touched up the edges. My wife did Vikki's hair in this nifty curly design which looked much more like Martian brains that does Vikki's regular do. This actually turned out better that I though. I spent several hours trying to recreate a Mars Attack like writing. Unlike Planet of the Hyoomas I had to create all the letters except for the 's'. The names proved to be a problem as well as the photos across the bottom of the screen. I used family members and friends and then just left the last names of the actors in the movies. Though this did not work out well with my wife on the right hand side. I still have some related projects to finish. My wife did the popping up Vikki in a Where's Waldo outfit. I think I'll put that one out as a startup screen or something... The final poster is quite large and is available via the YiffCo site. Of all the projects I've worked on with Vikki in this I think this is the most interesting finished product. The line in the center of the poster was something that I saw done two different ways at ConFurence 8. Hey! Plagiarism is the most sincere form of forgery!

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