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    Created in 1995 Updated slightly 6-24-2002

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6-2002 Yes it is back again! After being a dry country for many months the goop factories of Tiawan are once again flowing! i have spotted goop again at the local Toys R Us as well as the local Wal-Mart. Stock up now before it vanishes. Goop Sticks do not seem to have re-appeared unfortunately.

The main reason I created this page was that I want to collect this line of toys and thought that this would be an interesting way of doing so. Currently I have a very few extra molds form the Fright Factory,Zoofie Goofies and The Mini-Dragons. If you have any molds or sets that you want to part with please e-mail me I am especial interested in getting any of the Fighting Man molds especially the two sided fighting man mold. If you want to trade something on just want to get rid of that old box in the attic let me know... Enough of this commercialism...

  • Some of my favorite childhood memories stem from many of the imaginative toys created by the toy wizards at Mattel. The most interesting of these toys by far was the "Thing-Maker" series of toys. These toys, usually sold in sets, came out between 1964 and about 1974 when the supply of goop dried up after congressional hearing about the safety of children's toys. Now that all old toys seem to be coming back I've pulled out some of my molds and have once again become enthralled with childhood memories of rainy afternoons in the garage. With these toys would come a nifty box, usually with some outlandish art on the top and the sides and inside that box would be several metal molds, a machine with a heating element (usually labeled as a Thingmaker) several bottle of plastigoop and some various other trinkets as well as an instruction book.

    There were 3 forms of accessory kits for Thingmakers; one was called "Maker Pak" and was basically a complete kit but with NO Thingmaker heater unit. There was also a "Play Pak" which has no heater and was usually shorted a few of the molds.
    They came in a box about the same size as a full Thingmaker set, but shorter in height, maybe only 2" tall (height not needed as a Thingmaker unit was not in the box). The other kind of accessory kit (new in 1968) was called Thingmaker Mold Paks. These were 2 molds from a larger set put on a peg card with shrink plastic covering the front.
    First you poured goop of various colors into the molds. Then you would plug in the 'Thingmaker' and place the mold on the heating element. After a few minutes the plastigoop would be ready to 'sniff' as it would start to smoke slightly (especially if you poured the goop over the side of the mold) and give off a very distinctive odor. Removing the mold from the machine with a pair of tongs you would place it in a cooling tray half filled with water. This would result in an interesting sizzling sound as the very hot metal and plastic came into contact with cold tap water. There was usually a prying metal tool (or sometimes a plastic knife) to help you remove the finished product from the mold. Several of the sets allowed you to combine completed pieces together to form bigger toys. These sets included; Eeeks!, Mini-Dragons, Zoofie Goofies, Fun Flowers, and to a lesser extent Creeple Peeple.

    Special thanks going out to Richard Miller who supplied all of the wonderful Creeple Peeple materials including the wonderful scan of that uncut clothing sheet! Check it out on the Creeple Peeple Page! Richard Kaufman has been most helpful in figuring out years, names, and product lines thanks to whole mess of information ! John Kolesar has been helping me out quite a bit with lots of information about thing maker toys! Most recently with a bunch of instruction manuals! John has been taking pictures of his collection and putting them onto a Photo CD so that they could be displayed here. Thanks John! Also thanks going out to Michael Klein and Rick Inzero for sending some more light on the Picadoos set. and another thanks to Rick Inzero for reminding the world about "Ikky-Yuk Plastigoop". If I let anyone's name off by accident please e-mail me and I'll add it to the next revision.

    This 'creature' was created by using the new "EEKS!" set which came out in 1995. Many of the elements in this set are very similar to the original set, and in some cases even improved over the original, however the long centipede like creature has been removed in favor of adding more claws and wings. All in all this new 'EEKS!" set is by far the best of the new Creepy Crawlers toys so far.

    The new Thing-Maker machine is truly a wonder of making a 'dangerous' toy save and fun. However I would not like to be a parent who had to assemble one. The original Thing-Maker machine was a one piece machine with no moving parts or assembly required. The New Machine uses a small light bulb as a heating element (sold separately however the local Toys 'R' Us places the bulbs next to these toys) and has about 100 parts which must be assembled. The directions are confusing and convoluted. Some of the parts are mislabeled wither on the part or in the directions. Despite all this the toy, when finished, is still amazing. Unlike the original Thing-Maker which had an open top and heating element, this new toy is completely enclosed with a viewing window on the top. It has a retaining door which raises whenever the unit is on so the mold can not be removed. Once the machine has heated up a second door (held by heat sensitive metal) which descends and only raises when the unit has cooled off. Of course all of the machines I have seen at local flea markets have had this safety door removed. More recently newer version of the oven have appeared that require a minimum of assembly.

    Originally on this page I had a warning about using your old machines with the new goop which I removed when version 2.0 of this page came out. I still recommend using the newer machines especially when cooking thicker molds, however they are a pain when dealing with molds with inserts in them.

    Another new and interesting development in the new line of toys are the 2 sided insect molds (3-D Creepy Crawlers) which came out last winter. So far the first series has included a beetle, a tarantula, and a scorpion. There is also an easier to assemble machine which came with a mold that made 2 (although smaller than the ones sold separately) 3-D bugs on the same mold.

    The newest sets ( at least what I have found anyhow) of molds came out last October and features Universal movie monsters. Each kit came with a diorama of a spooky setting and a matching plastic base. Some of the characters were interesting. The Frankenstein had a separate molded head for added realism when switching colors.

    The mystery has been solved! Several ThingMaker fans wrote in to tell me what this part was. It is actually the inset for the Slithers mold (now featured on the Mold Paks and Accessory Page. Evidently when placed in the slithers mold it allowed you to make slither parts which fit together in a jigsaw fashion! Thanx for all the help with this mystery part!

    A catalog of the 'classic' Thing Maker Sets.

    With all of the new information and art it has become impractical to continue this Thingmaker as a single page. Now there are 15 different pages filled with information! Thanks to all of the visitors to the page who have contributed. Most of the sets now have their own page as listed below. The only exception are the DollyMaker (I can't find anyone with information on this set) and the combinations of sets (Super/Triple Thingmakers) For now check out the rest of the pages with the hot links below.

    I am currently looking for pics of box ends such as the Creeple Peeple box shown below. If you have a box end you can frame grab, or better yet scan, please send it to .

    • The Vacu-Maker was the original Thingmaker set. It grew out of the Mattel Vacuform toy and included molds for creating the bodies of bugs, and the parts necessary to vacuform hard shells for them. This is one of the hardest of all the Thingmaker toys to find.
    • The Picadoos "Decorator dots combine for endless designs."
    • Creepy Crawlers (the original toy) Check out the new templates to cut wings for your original Creepy Crawlers!
    • Giant Creepy Crawlers Deeper, larger, more 'mod' molds!
    • Fright Factory Create creepy things like shrunken heads and such!
    • EEEKS! (creepy bugs you assemble also came with Icky Yuk goop)
    • Fun Flowers (make your own plastic flowers)
    • Zoofie Goofies (make animals with pipe cleaners)
    • Dollymaker (which lets you make flat dolls, with a bunch of accessories. This set was also remade by Toymax, and is available in many different make-n-play sets. They even made a custom Dolly-maker oven!) Although I no nothing about the old DollyMaker the new one is a great set of molds from Toymax and may not be on clearance. Many of the molds are two sides, and while the people are not, many of their clothing items wrap around.

    • Super Cartoon Maker (Snoopy and Charles Brown)

    • Creeple Peeple Make people out of your pencils! Check out the new 4-97 clothing template Which you can D/L and print out!
    • Mini-Dragons (create whimsical creatures and put them together)

    • Updated 5-97 The Fighting Men Create a 2 sided army man with bendable arms and legs.
    • Another set was called Jillions of Jewels. This set made jewelry, like rings, pendants etc. The goop was a powder-like substance, which when cooked, turned clear and hard.
    • Combination Sets There were many combination sets created from the basic sets. Some of these were very large and heavy.

    Most of the main sets were also sold as separate Maker-Paks, and Play Paks. Maker Paks were usually the same as the full Thingmaker sets, except minus the heating unit. The heating unit was also sold separately.
    Play Paks were minus a mold or two, and also minus the heating unit. Many of the molds from the sets were also available in pairs, sold on cards.
    There were vinyl cases to store your creations in. They opened up like a book. One was called Thingmaker Thingholder. Another was Creepy Crawlers case, (the inside is a spider web), and Fighting Men Battle case.
    Of these the Fighting Men Battle case is the most collectible due to its limited production and its detailed artwork.

    Mold Paks and Accessory Page

    There were many one mold sets produced for the Thingmakers. Some were just gathered from existing sets, while others were unique. Many new pics have been added to this page!

    The Goop Page

    There were many types of goop, both today any yesterday. This page covers the different sizes and colors goop came in.

    Goop on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    During Joel's reign of Mystery Science Theater 3000 there was a long sketch about Plasti-Goop. This sketch showed Joel's Plasti-Goop philosophy. What follows is a transcript of that sketch. Even though they seemed to know a lot about the toy (they had a Creeple People set with the box) there was no mold in the machine during the sketch even as Joel poured goop into a non existent mold. This makes it seem a bit odd when Crow T. Robot bends over to 'smell the goop'. Strange but then Dr. Forester never had lenses in his glasses either and it never seemed to bother TV's Frank.

    Door Closes

    Joel is squeezing a goop bottle.

    Joel: See the trick is is not to get any on the edges.

    Tom: Hey Joel, what are Creeple People?

    Joel: Oh, Creeple Peeple are these really wacky creepy people that use pencils and stuff to make their bodies and then you bring them to school, its pretty neat. Oh, hi everybody I was just teaching the bots how to make Creepy Crawlers. I found my old set and this batch is just about ready to smell. Crow, check it out.

    Crow: 'sniff' 'sniff' 'sniff' Mmmmm that's good goop!

    Tom: Here, I'll be the judge of that, move over. 'sniff' 'sniff' 'sniff' 'sniff' Oh it kind of smell like hot plastisol with traces of calcium zinc the FDA approved stabilizer. No how's this different than Incredible Edibles?

    Joel: Uh, well incredible Edibles were the ones that you could eat so I would probably say that they were both non-toxic.

    Tom/Crow: Non-toxic?

    Joel: Yeah, non-toxic was what they called things when they were toys and you could eat them and it won't hurt you. There was Crayola Crayons, and Plasti-Goop and Play-Dough, and uh, just about all the breakfast cereals now that I think about it. But anyway the real thing that was dangerous about this toy was the aluminum plate that would heat up in excess of 300 degrees.

    Crow: But didn't you little kinds back on Earth get burnt?

    Joel: Yeah I'll say we got burnt. We got burnt all the time. It was just part of what went with the territory when you got to make your own cool plastic toys. We had a saying when I was growing up "Lean with the Creepy Crawler Maker... Burn with the Creepy Crawler Maker"

    Tom: Well what happened? I mean why can't kids today play with the Thing-Maker or all the neat accessories here, like the Creepy Crawlers, or the Fun Flowers, or the Fright Factory, or the Picadoos (?), or the Fright Men, or the Mini-Dragons, or the EEKS!

    Joel: I'll tell you why. Because some little kids wrecked it for everybody. They'd get burnt and go screaming up stairs to their mommies. The Mom's would call the FDA. The FDA would call the manufacturer, and before you could say "It's Mattel, It's swell" the great goop factories of Taiwan were shut down forever.

    Tom: You know I was just reading something about that the other day. There were lots or really fun toys hauled off the market during the 60's because kids were careless.

    Joel: I'll say, the Susie Homemaker Oven, The Whamo Air Blaster...

    Tom: Lawn Darts

    Joel: ...Lawn darts, and Creepy Crawlers, the Vertibird. The list goes on and on...

    Tom: Vacuform...

    Crow: Poor dumb kids. They never even knew.

    Joel: Well, I don't know if we can really blame the kids, Crow. You see, I really think this society is basically still crawling out of the slime, or goop, as we should say. I think the real responsibility lies with the toy designer of tomorrow.

    Tom: How's that Joel?

    Joel: Well, the toy designer of tomorrow responsibility is to design "Action packed, intensely interesting and affordable toys that are safe, soft and colorful". Good night.

    Crow: (strange voice) and may God bless.

    I still need more information (especially molds sets) and especially good photographs of the following sets;

    • Dollymaker (I have never even seen this set!)
    • The Fighting Men (a visitor donated a couple of pictures from the instruction manual but I still do not have enough to do a separate page about it.
    • EveryThingmaker (Had different pictures glued onto the box?)
    • Triple thing makers


    I am an avid collector of this toy series myself. If you have any spare molds you would be willing to part with or trade for please drop me a note at Currently I have a couple of extra Fight Factory molds, several Mini-Dragons, and one Zoofie Goofie mold, a fighting man (man) mold, and a complete (- the large head insert) set of Creeple Peeple molds. which are extra.

    John Kolesar (note this is a new address (6-96)) provided many useful facts and items to this page. He also went out of his way and put pictures of his boxes on a photo CD so that they could be displayed here! Thanx John! He is also an avid collector of Thingmaker toys as well as Gumby and 3 Stooges items. he occasionaly has molds for sale on his page.

    Unfortunately I have the banner picture, but not the URL!

  • Letters
    I was a big fan of the Creepy Crawlers (and Strange Change, etc.) when I was a kid and still am. I've got the new machine, though I'm annoyed by how slow it is and I don't like the molds as well.

    My favorite of the ones I had was the mini-dragons. My brother and I made a huge menagerie of them. We hoped to get the Eeks!, but the toy police shut the whole thing down before we did.

    An interesting thing we knew how to do was to create colored glow in the dark dragons. As I remember, this required putting a thin layer of the glow goop down first, cooking it, and then adding the colors on top -- much the same way you could make color details on the critters.

    Anyway, I think those dragons are still somewhere in storage at mom's house. One day, if they haven't been eaten by mice or succumbed to plastic rot, I will retrieve them.

    I hope the new machine will thrive. Someday, when I have time and money, I'll get more molds.

    Boy, in the old days we ran that machine like an assembly line. And I don't think either of us got burned more than once or twice in the years we used it -- and never seriously.

    -- Steve

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