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Interacting with the World                    
This is an Action Tag. Nearly everything you can interact with will have an action tag floating on or above it.  Some people just call them buttons. They appear as blue circles with an orange arrow inside it, and the arrow often rotates inside the blue circle pointing towards the object it's meant to interact with. If you see an action, hover your mouse over it, and you should see a drop down menu with selections, with it's default selection already highlighted in white if you click on the button directly.  Or you can click what is listed under the tag to do a different function, or action.  These tags let you get into vehicles, sit in chairs and benches, join conversation groups, pick up objects, enter or  exit a home or building, read books and signs, teleport links... basically everything! 

Getting Around                      
General Movement:
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk around the environment.  You'll start out on foot, so up arrow key will walk your avatar forward.  Down arrow key will walk you backwards, and left and right keys will make you turn in that direction.  Tapping the up arrow key twice will make your avatar run.  Lastly, pressing the right mouse button will make your avatar jump.  If you keep jumping repeatedly your avatar will jump slightly higher and higher, for about 3-4 jumps.

There Customer Support:
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Via Instant Message:

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Action Mode:
Action mode is best when driving a vehicle, and when on foot you can look up and down, and all around.  Action mode puts the mouse in control of steering the vehicle instead of the arrow keys on the keyboard.

There's two ways to get into Action Mode.

Hold down the CTRL Key
Holding the CTRL key on your keyboard will temporarily put you in this mode, and you'll notice the mouse cursor and the menu bar at the bottom of the screen has disappeared.  Left and right mouse movements now control the vehicle you're in.  If you're on foot, this will change the direction your avatar is facing, and you can also look up and down.  You'll still need to press the up and down arrow key to move forward and backwards in action mode.

Default to Action Mode.
This is a better way to enter Action Mode.  Holding the CTRL key the whole time you're driving a vehicle can get cumbersome.  There's a way to make it a defualt mode by clicking the following items from the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, as seen in the screen shot at the left.  Click on There, Customize, World, Default to Action mode. This will set you action mode all the time with no mouse cursor, or menu bar.  The CTRL key now works the opposite way by brining up your mouse cursor and menu back on screen when you need to use it.

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Getting around in Vehicles       
If you need to use a vehicle, there are hundreds of folks in-world who will be happy to loan things to you.  So don't hesitate to ask anyone, including your Mentor. This world is set up for sharing. There's even a SKILL called "Newbie Helper" that encourages members to help out newbies by loaning stuff, and talking with newbies.

If someone lends you a vehicle, the owner can retrieve it back at any time they want it back. There's no theft, no damage, or death in this world. So you can be rough with vehicles all you want, and take off with the things you borrow to anywhere you want.

If you can't find anyone near you, check the Places page to see a list where everyone is at, and you can teleport to those places. Karuna Plaza and Zephyr are the most popular places in world, but they are also known to be the lagiest places to go to since there are so many people there.  Also people like to drop books and signs which add to the lag, plus people like to build things inside their portazones. which as more clutter and lag to these areas. So be warned especially if you're on dialup!

Once you find groups of people, just start up a conversation with anyone passing by, saying hi or hello to someone facing you.  When they respond back you should be "sucked" into a conversation grouping.   To join a conversation that already exists just click on the actions tag button, and you'll join in.

Also just standing near the conversation, and typing something will often bring you into the chat group.  Keep in mind that the maximum number of people that can be in a chat group is 7, unless the group is near trees or uneven ground then the group can only hold 4 people.  So if you're finding your self not being able to join the conversation, this is why.   Also if you've ever noticed that your avatar will suddenly start walking away for no reason, it's because you're standing too close to one of these conversation groups, and the system forces you out of the camera view for the people who are in the group.  And it is VERY annoying seeing people walking in the way.

Join a Club                      
There are thousands of clubs that have formed in There, and a lot of them are geared towards helping newbies.  Simply check out the Clubs page and search for clubs. Use the search feature to look for key words on common interests  that you are into.  You can also form your own club, however you must be a member of There to do so.

Away Avatars                 
I'm sure you've seen these avatars by now. Avatars that have these green goggles floating in front of their eyes means they are away.  These will appear if the person is looking at a web page (like shopping in auctions), looking at another window, or simply not looking at There client screen. The goggles also will appear automatically if an avatar sits idle for over 5 minutes. You can also manually place your self away by clicking the button at the bottom right that shows a green thumbs up (see picture at right), and select away.  You can also set other modes like Do Not Disturb where no one will be able to send you an IM, or Buddies Only where only people you have on your buddy list can send you an IM.

FREE STUFF for Newbies!!

Try-O-Matic Machines                    
You've probably seen these TRY-IT machines in some of the areas you've been visiting. Most of these have limited selections that only last a couple hours. However there's a better set of these machines recently created placed in special locations, with a much BIGGER selection of clothing and vehicles, and the items last for TEN (10) hours!

Here's a list of locations you can find them at!  Click the teleport link to go there.  In case one of the places doesn't have the Try-it machines, teleport to the next one listed. You'll teleport to the front of the house, or funzone.  Either walk inside the funzone, or click the action tag on the door to enter the house.

  • (Teleport) Emilae's House Newcomer Hangout
  • (Teleport) MikeCesar's House New Member Gathering
  • (Teleport) Chez Zooza house.
  • (Teleport) NMSS Fun Zone (Jungle Slope)

New Member Social Services     
If your Avatar is two weeks old or less,  you can join the NMSS Newbies Club, . Once you're in the club you will automatically be invited to NMSS's free clothing giveaways, free raffles, classes, and other free events located at the NMSS Funzone.

There is down!  What is there to do?
Not to fear. If you're a member you can post in Forums.  Or  you can check out other fan sites that may have Forums also.  But if you're looking for some real-time interaction with Therians, most of us are on IRC chatting operated by the folks at ThereUniverse. If you have mIRC client, click this link to connect to and then join the channel #there.

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