ThereCon Video Program

Hello! Bernard Bruhaha here!
Well they sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel this time.. I mean.. uh..
We got some really great films lined up in store for you at ThereCon! The real cream of the crop.. although I think it curdled a bit.. in fan produced videos. Some of these you may have seen at you local indie move theater.. lying in the garbage can.. but others could be show onthe theater screen proudly. In fact these are the types of movies I would want to make! If I had nothing better to do at all!

Most of these movies played just find on my machine. Some may require codecs to be installed. Quick time is ued in a few cases. Some of these are also in shockwave. Your milage may vary. Also please not that a few of these movies have some mature or violent content in them, although not much.. as they tend to charge money for stuff like that these days!

Batman: Dead End One of the most amazing fan videos I have ever seen! The beginning is not that great but keep watching! Watch the high resolution version. It seems to download faster. Why don't we get movies like this on Creepier Features!

While on the topic of comic book characters check out Dr Shroud!

A cool series of four Stargate fan videos can be found here!

Lego action with Bob the Stormtrooper

Babylon Park "No Vir! get your own cheesy spoo!"

Doctor Who The Scream of Shalka is a BBC created web based cartoon. Well worth watching.They also have a few other web epsidoes as well including a nice story with the 6th Doctor called Real Time. And the first few epsidoes of the new verison of Shada. They add a new one every so often.

Are you on There too much? Check out Self Enslaved

A nice Trek series "The Hidden Frontier"

Plug (sora relevant to our virtual world.. ok well maybe not)

Old meets new when this hip-hop Hobbit lashes out at the Lord of the Rhymes!

Whats a convention film program without at least one 3-D movie? Check out this Starship Troopers movie "Smoothnecks" in 2-D or 3-D if you still have a pair of those glasses lying around! Oops forgot a URL! Darn! I will try to get on this as soona s someone delivers me my doughnuts and coffee! I am still waiting and we are already days into this convention!

The Signfield and Superman shorts from American Expressare memorable. A must see if you like Superman!

I was not aware that the show 'the critic' was still being made as a web based thing. I'm sure some of his reviews must be of sci-fi movies.. perhaps

2001: A Space Oddity This evidently was a CGI trainging film made by students. It shows! Naw.. ist really interesting.

Really cool for what it is...whatever that might be... where is my coffe! Check out the Black Star

On a Perfect Day... A cool sort of Twilight Zonesque film. Its subtitled and sort of hard to read on occasion.

Twisted minds must think alike. The Jedi Hunter Now where have I seen this plot before. Sorta gross in bits.

I really love dubed films. You got to admire the guts of a film maker who uses the ultimate in stock footage.. so much so that they don't even bother to edit it! Just put new dialogue onto the existing film. If you like old movie serieals (and you did not get enough by watching Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow (Now showing at NeNe's Wake)) then you will love these four episodes of Rocketman! The dialogue.. oh my! Very Funny! Do NOT eat while watching this!

They Came To Attack Us is a strange film to say the least. What a doofus!

One of the few James Bond fan films I have found is "Killing in the Name"

The Maggot (The Making of) A parody of guess what!

When action figures go bad! I mean really bad!! Alien 5!

And if that wasn't enough try The Ratrix! Ok... ok.. who moved my cheese!

Not sick of these parodies yet? Try The Matrix Regurgitated!

Check out The Legomatrix!

A sort of cool Classic Trek movie Starship Exeter. Its a bit slow, but pretty good.

The New Revised City Building Solution A mysterious ooze seeps into the cracks and pipes of building 1673

Star Wars Gansta Rap If you have not seen it it is well worth watching. Well maybe not.

Full Feedback is an interesting little VR game based movie thing. Sorta like Westworld.

Jar Jar's Walking Papers Absolutely funny cartoon! Very classy! Unless you like Jar Jar Binks.

Duality A very nice Star Wars video made on Macs ; )

Although not really sicence fiction you might enjoy some of the videos (msotly parodies on TV and pop clulture) at Turtle TV! Turtles are classy! Remeber to wash your hands before eating!

Big Brother is confounded in Me and the Big Guy

Funk'd - Sort of a parody of that MTV sieres, but with Boba Fett as a merry prankster!

Never been abducted by aliens? Perhaps you could sese the help of Non-Abductees Anonymous

Star Wars : Brilliant A cute cartoon!

The're here to save.. Elm Street? Freddy vs Ghostbusters!

Jabba Wookie What can I say I like the poem!

Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer (I kid you not) Link to watch is on the top right. They also have a short trailer for the film.


StoneTrek Where no caveman has gone before! Episode 8 is a Trek/Flintstones/Phantom Mennace crossover. Heck the animation is far better than most of the flintstones cartoons!

Andy's Episode There are a few great ideas in this little film!

Man in the Moon Interesting flick, sort of a a downer ending though.

Death Star Repairmen Has one joke that I really laughed at. Slow to load. Try the home page too

Alien Dawn is an interesting film at this site. You need to click on the Downloads link on the right. Also Star Wars: Castaway is interesting.

I guess we could not have a fan video program without Troops! Way cool!

Mars Hilarity ensues when anstronaust start to run low on air!

SoyBean Interesting unfinished work in progress.. I think. I like the name though.

Warning.. this video is a bit tacky! Pokee Way cool (thought very tacky) musical clip!

Wow! you made it through all 50 movies! What a sucker.. I mean you are a better man than I. I only sorta glanced at the titles and then crammed the links on this page! Well see ya in the movies!