While we cant leave our favoire books lying around the room, we can share them online. Send you favorite online books or book resoruces to virtvikki@comcast.net and I will add them as soon as is possible!

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The BBC offers several entire Doctor Who novels (now long out of print) for free! In fact they have even hired new illustratiosn to be created to go with these stories! Not only that but each chapter includes authors notes on the writing process! Even ore amazing they ahve them organized in web page format, printable format, and even downloads for palm and Pocket PC handhelds!

3rd Doctor The Scales of Injustice
4th Doctor The Well Mannerd War
5th Doctor The Sands of Time (posting finishes this week on Thursday)
7th Doctor Human Nature
7th Doctor Lungbarrow last 7th doctor who book
8th Doctor Dying Days First 8th doctor book (An ice warrior story)

These novels were all originaly published by Virgin Books in the 90's and when the contract with the BBC ran out all remaining stores of the novels were destroyed. Dying Days and Lungbarrow are hard to find in the states due to somedistribution isses with Virgin Book during the final year of publication. The Virgin books also spun off another interesting series. The Adventures of Bernice Summerfield. Which was first published under Virgin and then later under the BigFinish label.

Virtual_Vikki's Favorite TV Novelizations and a few other interesting books

Classic Science Fiction Novels

Jules Verne

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
From the Earth to the Moon, and Round the Moon
Journey to the Center of the Earth Audio Book
Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Mysterious Island

H. G. Wells

First Men In The Moon
The Island of Dr Moreau
The Time Machine
The War of the Worlds (this is one of the nominees for best science fiction novel of all time!)
Here is a nice sirt about the 1930's radio broadcast.
Another inline version of the book War of the Worlds

Fan Fiction Section

Updated 3:30 pm 6/24/04
Updated 11:30 pm 6/24/04

Be warned that a lot of fan fiction contains some mature themes. That being said there are a ton of good stories out there to read!
Disky spent all last night reading a Forever Knight/Space 1999 crossover story.

A Page of (Relatively) Clean Fanfiction (mostly Lord of the RIngs stories but some others as well

How about some Final Fantasy IV fan fiction? How about some Final Fantasy 1 fan fiction?

X-Men the movie fan fiction

Star Wars fan fic by Brandon J. Wahlberg

Stargate SG-1 clean Fanfiction archive.

Babylon 5 stories. Stories have movie like ratings.

A page of corssovers. Doctor Who visits M.A.S.H.?

A nice Dark Angel page.

Mostly Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fic but alos some other series like Highlander and The Sentinel.

Xena fan fic archive

Matt Groenig fan fiction site (Futurama Simpsons etc)

Scifi Minds offers mostly star tkre fiction, but alos things like Andromeda and more.

A sci-fi fanfiction crossover web ring?

Invisible Man (for the 2002 TV series) fan fiction.

A vairiety of fiction form Trek to Touched by and Angel? Nicely rated.

Deep Space 9 fan fiction links

Blake's 7 fan fiction

Harry Potter and WestWing fan fiction

Trek and Star Wars fan fiction

Forever Knight fan fic (not well sorted)

The Mithril Awards

Gargoiles fan fiction with movie like ratings for content.

Mutant X fan fiction

Lois and Clark fan fiction

G I Joe fan fiction

Some anime fan fiction

Roswell Fanfics with a ratings system

Some X-files fan fiction

Star Wars Fan Fics that 'don't suck'!

A bunch of crossover fanfics from Doctor Who to Quantum Leap and more

Some great obscure shows like The Tomorrow People are to be found here.

Even more Tomorrow People fan fiction and a Firefly story too!

A few "V" stores and a description of what the show was about.


Every Fan Fic Ever Written!

More stuff on friday too! Check back tomorrow!


Want to write your own fan fiction? This might be a good place to start!