Paradise Hoverswarm and Home Tour  - March 2005

Taking off form Rickpa's cool  hover hangar the group went around the outside of the neighborhood on hover packs visiting many of the cool sights in our neighborhood.
We worked our way round the  campfires and fallen anatomical parts of stone monkey statues to the burned out lighthouse. 
From there we visited the Tiki Dog stand and observed Crab Rock in the distance.
No Tiki for you!!
Then on to the fallen PAZ.  This place is a real eyesore and There should clean it up someday.  Since the storm the property values have lowered quite a bit in Paradise. I wonder why?
Our first stop was at Paradise 001 where Hatch had set up a way cool comedy club!
Then we walked over to Oli's house. Many stopped to examine her PAZ outside.
The inside left something to be desired. I think when she went away on her vacation she left the water running.
Up the hill to Miracle Pictures new theater for the grand opening!
The "Fresh Noobers" were a big hit!  So were the Tabu-bees! 
Miracle Pictures also had one of the sets from an upcoming movie on display on the tour.
I sense a theme of flooding!   No really it hardly ever even rains in Paradise!  No, really!
By contrast, in  the MAB clubhouse we were met with a warm reception and a beautiful paz outside.  They even set up a welcoming scroll for us!
We went to a lot of places and saw a lot of things on our first Paradise home tour!  I hope we can do it again really soon!  There were a lot of cool houses we just did not get to explore.