Loose Yourself In There July 2003  Miracle Pictures test production, just to see if it could be done! This music video raps about how addicting There really is! A look back to the early days of There! Check out the couches in Karuna Plaza!

There Action New : There Suicides September 2003
Dreamed up by ponder at like 3am the day before the end of Preview Version, this quickie production pokes fun at a variety of news media as well as showcasing how people simpley cant live without There.. not even for three days!
  There announced that it would be closed for three days to prepare for the release of Version 1!  Did mass panic ensue?  Did avatars really kill themselves in a suicide pact because they could not live for three days without There?  This news report would have you believe so!   (Sept. 2003)
Tag Line: "Jump!  Jump!  Jump!"

Streaming version at iFilm

Killboat October 2003 (Links below)
The first full movie in There arrives in the form of this 40-minute cinematic treat.  Presented in the format of a movie being shown by a "horror host" on late night UHF TV, this "cult classic" has given many an avatar nightmares about possessed orange hoverboats.
Tag Line:  "This is just like something I saw on an episode of 'Knight Rider' one time!"    Sorry if we missed you name in the credits. Evidently we did not credit many of the people in the desert paintball sequence.

Downloadable version : This movie is divided into two parts because of how long it was   PART 1  and   PART 2

Streaming version at iFilm  Part 1  and Part 2

Steadman Concert Video December 2003
Filmed at the time of the concert, but not released until much later this music video features the sensational British band Steadman as they performed their hit song Sun Lotion live in There!
Filmed live - before, during and after the concert by British pop sensation Steadman, this shows what it was like to have seen their avatars live in concert, sort of.  (Nov. 2003)
Tag Line: "Fantastic!"

Streaming version at iFilm

The Noob Hunter November 2003
Crikey! Those noobs can be down right nasty sometimes! Watch the Noob Hunter as he relocates the noobs to Motu Motu island in this amusing  parody of a popular nature series!

Streaming version at iFilm 

Noob Hunter Blooper Reel January 2004
Thought the Noob Hunter was funny? Check out all the funny things those noobs get up to in these mistakes and amusing bits cut from the final project! Many have stated that the bloopers are even funnier than the movie itself! You be the judge!

Broc Lee; Man of Tomorrow! June 2004
(currently in post production )
Back to yesteryear in this retro future 12 part movie serial.. well we are only shooting episode 6 of this 12 part serieal, but it should  be amusing as intergalactic hero Broc Lee takes on the evil emperor Bore Dumm and his kingdom of paper! Paying homage to the science fiction serials of the 1930's, Broc Lee and his band of heroes must travel through the kingdom of a ruthless warlord in order to reach the land of the tree people.  The bad news is that there is a guard every 10 feet.  The good news is that they are all complete idiots!  (June 2004)
Tag Line: "Someday we will ruthlessly slaughter all the jellyfish people - and one clown."

Also watch the Broc Lee Blooper reel!
The Land of There Lost  June 2004
To tie in with the science fiction convention in There (ThereCon), this movie was produced as part of a quest.  At each of the quest locations, the participants got to see a bit more of the episode.  Loosely based on a popular kid's series from the mid-1970's.  It is presented here in its original 10 segment format.
Tag Line:  "Ha ha!  He said conjunction!" 
The Omega Avatar   July 2004
This is a fake trailer.  As part of the New Members Social Services Carnival, it seemed a good idea to cheat people in some way (as carnivals often do).  So we created trailers for two moves we never intended to make.  In this one, Francis_7 discovers that he is alone in the most heavily populated area in There.  (July 2004)
Tag Line: "Pray for the last man in Karuna.  For he is not alone!"
Also on YouTube
Attack of the 50 Foot Aral July 2004 
Another "fake trailer" made for the NMSS Carnival.  In this one, the formerly charming avatar named Aral gets revenge for being treated so unfairly by the inhabitants of There!
Tag Line:  "Why did we ignore her?"
Also on YouTube
The Wizard of Lag TRAILER! July 2004 
A preview for the upcoming musical movie in which we meet young Dorothy, a griefer, who accidentally kills a woman when first arriving in the Land of Lag.  She then teams up with several other shady avatars to plot a murder!  Lions and tigers and bugs!  Oh my!
Tag Line:  "I don't remember this movie happening this way last Thanksgiving."

Streaming version at iFilm
The Noob Hunter's Guide to There  July 2004 
A series of short "How To" videos.  How to open a door, how to use a spa, how to walk and run.
Tag Line:  "Crikey!  That Sheila could use some help!"
Rated PG-13 for some 'unsavory' themes.

Mister Tiki's Neighborhood. September 2004
Mr. Tiki has his own television show.  Too bad he moved to a clubhouse on the very wrong side of the tracks!  To say the very least, some of his neighbors are a bit unsavory!

Stremaing version at iFilm

Rated PG-13 for some 'unsavory' themes.
War of There Worlds poster image The War of THERE Worlds  October 2004.
 Not really a movie but a MP3 radio play broadcast over Internet radio on Halloween night.  Parts of which were recorded in fall of 2003, but not finished until fall of 2004.
There Wild Wild West  March  2005 
This movie, filmed during Wild West days in November 2004, follows the antics of James West as he has yet another encounter with Professor Loveless.

Also check out the teaser trailer (on ifilm)  released a few weeks before the movie premiered
Beta Three Poster Image
The Beta III
Made for Super Hero Week as a movie quest,  this production reveals the secret lives of super heroes in there!  Now in an expanded movie version. A contest was held and one winner selected to be a member of the beta three in an all new alternate ending!  Enjoy the new ending! June 2005
Image coming soon!

Twisted Thereybook Tales.  Summer 2005
A 15 minute  Twilight Zone like  retelling of Hansel And Grettel as only Miracle Pictures could twist it!
Tiki Trek Poster Image Tiki Trek: The Motion Picture
Join the crew of the starship Tiki as they bring thier Tiki lifestyle to ignorant races all over the galaxy!  Based on the hit live stage play in There, this movie version  adds an all new ending and   more tiki fun! November 2005.

Memories of Tiki Trek
Also check out this mockumentary  of the 20 year  reunion/ release of the lsot pilot party!  Way too long, but some of the funniest bits ever in a Miracle Pictures movie!
Mission Slightly Difficult   The most expensive there movie ever made! With a budget of way over one million therebucks, this spy epic was written and produced by Rick_Slick. This is the first feature length machinema film ever made! Check it out !
Appengages Poster Image "Appendages"
Chagall made a cool Apple 'switch' commercial for There.com!  I thought this was just the coolest thing ever made. So I set about making a parody of one of the Apple vs PC commercials. This is the result. A comparison of the fun world and There.com and the 'unsavory' side of annother virtual world.

Almost There Also at the same time we made a commercial for there itself to inspire There to update it's welcome video.  

Killboat 2 Poster Image  Killboat II
Written by Rick_Slick this trailer  was going to be his entry into the 2006 There Film Festival, but was not submitted for a variety of reasons, still it is a way cool action packed There movie!  August 2006
Poster for wild griefer image Wild Griefer  
Francis_7's entry into the There FIlm Festival for 2006 was a music  video starring, and sung by Banshee_Kate.  Special thanks to Stungthumbz and Dreamweaver!  This action packed thrill ride is as fun to watch as it was to make!  November 2006 This film won first place in the action catagory as well as winning the grand overall prize at the 2006 There Film Festival. 
Machenima In There Poster Image Machinima in There Mockumentary:
The Director's Cut

Rick_Slicks entry into the There film Festival in 2006 deals with the entire production process of a Miracle Pictures movie. See it now with over 5 minutes of new and exciting scenes!   The shorter version of this  film won first place in the comedy catagory.

There Goes Our Lives Poster Image There Goes Our Lives 5 minute version
Disky's entry into the 2006 There Film Festival is a hilarious send up of soap operas! Written by Disky, Rick_Slick and Banshee_Kate!  This film won second place in the comedy catagory.

There Goes Our Lives: The Director's Cut
The 10 minute verstion! See it with over 5 minutes of new footage soon! 

Lagoland and You!
Lagoland opened in late 2006 so this commercial was producted to promote the area.

Image coming soon! Salon Banshee Commercial
As part of the Just Crazy Talk show, this special commercial was produced.  Miracle Pictures also helped to produce many of the video episodes. Some can be found here
There Summer Games  2005 preview


There Winter Games 2007 preview


There Summer Games 2007 preview

Tropical Adventures promo
ThereCon 2007 - Lost in There Preview
We still have to make the Lost in There movie quest, but I ddi put together a quick promo for the text based version of the quest.
Image coming soon!
ThereCon 2007 - Creepier Features Film Fest Intro

Don't forget the preview from the previous year
ThereCon 2006 video program Introduction
Romperball and You!
Want to get into Romperball?  Its not a psort for all avatars, but if you got polygons of steel this might be the sport for you.  Check out this parody of instructional videos made for ThereCon 2007!  This movie was a blast to make, and probably of one of my  better looking films, though There was having some audio issues whie we filmed.

Film Fest 07 poster The Miracle Pictures Totaly Awesome Film Festival Entry With Lots of Action Drama Conedy and Whatnot
This was the 2007 There Film Festival entry written by Rick Slick and Directed by  Francis_7. An amazing tale on an epic scale!  It has everything!  Even a moral at the ending!  Unfortunately the hospital sequence planned was never filmed as it would have made the film way too long.

Directors's Verison  with 2 minutes of deleted footage coming soon!
The Wizard of Lag 
Miracle Pictures biggest production ever!  Featuring five great new songs  including  the Scarecrow singing "There's gonna crucify me" and the Cowardly Lion singing "The Real Slim Griefer"
Young Dorothy is addicted to There (aren't we all) but when she blacks out at her computer she enters the mysterious world of Lag! Still lagging in post production. 
Planned Upcoming Projects

Wizard of Lag (still lagging in post production)
Broc Lee II - Spitwads of Doom
I Love basya

Lost in There ( about a space faring family who crash on Thereia.)

Unfinished Projects
In My Life (currently in production for mid July 2004 but not completed.)
A music video to celebrate Miricle pictures first year of production!

There Action News Report on Ren Fest 2003
Bernard Bruhaha  is sent out on an impossible assignment. and fails to deliver any usable footage.

Bernard Bruhaha visits There HQ.   Filmed  at the September  2003 There Real Life Gathering at There Headquarters this unfinsihed project would have Bernard experiencing "Real Life" an amazing new simulation from the people at There.

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