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The There classes program ended in May of 2004. This page is maintained as a historical reference only.
Created 10-12-2003, Updated last 3-30-06


Female Picture

Week / Class

Male Picture

3/19/03 - 3/23/03


3/26/03 - 3/30/03


4/02/03 - 4/06/03

Bora Bora

4/09/03 - 4/13/03


4/16/03 - 4/20/03


4/23/03 - 4/27/03


This was the class shirt I got when I signed up with There. Class event held at Bali Hai

4/30/03 - 5/04/03

Disky got in the next week. This was Disky's class shirt! Class event held at Bali Hai

5/06/03 - 5/11/03

St. Barth's

5/14/03 - 5/18/03


5/21/03 - 5/25/03

St. Croix

5/28/03 - 6/01/03

N/A (Anyone in during this time is St. Croix)

6/04/03 - 6/08/03

N/A (Anyone in during this time is Papua)

6/11/03 - 6/14/03
I started going to class events on a regular basis at this point. I would tell the new people about the event and get themt o sign up.
Class event held at Bali Hai

6/18/03 - 6/22/03

First class event held at the explorers club.

6/25/03 - 6/29/03


7/02/03 - 7/06/03


7/09/03 - 7/13/03


7/16/03 - 7/20/03


7/23/03 - 7/27/03

Shangri La

7/30/03 - 8/03/03


8/6/03 - 8/12/03


8/?/03 - 8/?/03

This may have been the final class event held at the Explorers Club. I am not 100% sure of that.

8/27/03 - 8/31/03


9/03/03 - 9/14/03

I think this was the first week the class events where held on Congrehio (sp) island.


9/24/03 - 9/28/03

Mostly white shirt with a black bottom bit and black letters on it. I am not sure who designed it. It was not me or Minai.


10/1/03 - 10/7/03

I was so thrilled to be asked to design a shirt for the There Class program! This was a real treat for me having attended so many class events. I think I had a deadline of about 4 hours on it. The womens was done in 2 hours and the mens.. well it took a little longer. The early verison looked like a trunk was growing out of the avie's pants : ) The tree and beack are outside Hula's beach house.


10/8/03 - 10/12/03
Ko Samet
I decided to look up a bit about this place when I was asked to create the shirt for the next week as well. I had about a days warning on this so I learned about the place a bit. On the back is a map. The front has the colors of the flag of the country the island is in.


10/15/03 - 10/19/03


I am not sure who designed this shirt. Someone else made this one.

10/22/03 - 10/26/03

For some reason I do not have an image of this one handy. People say it is one of the best class shirts ever made though. Looking through old files trying the find it I discoverd the original design has a Bermuda triangle on the back in red. I think this was dropped when I learned that Bermuda was jsut a few weeks away.

10/27/03 - 11/02/03

St. Kitts
The picture of of one of the There Islands. I took these pictures for the Mykonos shirt, but then did not use them, so they got recycled here.

11/05/03 - 11/09/03

For that glowing triangular look! If I recall there was a typo on this shirt. I sent the designs in several times on request as they kept getting lost. An earlier verison of the womens shirt was eventualy used. I think the name is spelled wrong. No on noticed for about 5 months though : )

11/12/03 - 11/16/03

The back of the shirt features a picture of the island in question.

11/19/03 - 11/23/03

I think I did three designs of this one, but the one with the firey sunset clouds looked the best. The tree is the same one as seen before on the class of Mykonos.

11/26/03 - 11/30/03

This island blew up a while back and killed almsot everyone on it! How to make that look fun? I did have an alternate verison with a volcano erupting. In the end I went for a airmail look with airmail stripes and stamps and a picture of the island.

12/03/03 - 12/07/03
I must have spent an entire day jsut trying to get the lei's to work right. I think the final result was pretty good. if I had it to do over agian I would ahve used other colors for the flowers as the red did not compress well.

12/10/03 - 12/14/03
This was the signle most complicated design I did for the class program. Also one of the few not to use Impact as the font. Corfu is a Greek island so you see the white and blue of the greek flag and the head of a Greek statue (Addonis I think) which wraps around from the back of the shirt to the front. which turnes into the sky that meets the statue on the back.

12/17/03 - 12/21/03

Another very popular design. I did this and the next two all in the same weekend as Disky and I were going to Disneyland for the Holidays.

The mens version was intentionaly dark with dark sleves to make it more acceptable to wear around. This is a sunset form the island in question. Whenever I could I tried to find pictures from the island of the week.


Rio de Janero
The 'thing' on the back is a carnival mask and feathers. I was out of time before my trip and had to get out some more shirts before I left. Not many people got this shirt.


Female Picture
Week / Class
Male Picture

I wanted to do another map shirt and I found this map of the island of Cyprus. It had to be turned on its end to fit it on the shirt. This was done the day I left for Disneyland. I had to mail the final verison form work as I had forgotten to make a male verison 'doh!


Returning form Disneyland I had seen a shirt with faded symbols all over it. Another shirt i had seen has this unusal die pattern. I combined the two elements to make this. This was a bumper week for new people. Tons of them arrived in There.


St. Martin
A message in a bottle is featured on the back of this shirt.


As with most mens shirts making the sleaves was a pain each and every time. This one took an extrememly long time to create the male verison of.

I think about this time the class events moved out to Motu-Motu island to the nara zone.

02.04.04 Or 2.2.04


I wanted this shirt to be special On the front are some tiki icons.


Punta del Este

02.17.04 or 2.16.04


Things get a little fuzzy at this point.
With the advent of I sort a slacked off on my own pages. That domain was pulled like only a day after black friday. The only known image form the entire site is the little grainy picture from the top of this page. If anyone has some snapshots from it please send them to me!

Bali 2.23.04



Ok, so 2 of these are out of order. Sorry the web program is having a fit about re-arranging these.



03-15-04 to 03-21-04


03-22-04 to 03-31-04 (Final Weekly Shirt)

Moslty white shirt with red trim and a japamese gate on the back. Given out for 10 days to accomidate the start of the monthly shirts. Mens version is a much  darker red than the women's version

April 2004 (First monthly shirt)

In retrospect I wish the Honshu shirt had been the first monthly shirt. It was a far better design.

May 2004 (Final Monthly Shirt)

Final class shirt produced before Black Friday.
Black friday ended the class program with the firing of the person at there who ran the program. Shirts were NOT handed out the rest of the month. The male design was made far darker than the female version.
This shirt is very rare. 

June 2004

Shown here is the design in progress when Black Friday struck. I got as far as finishing the female shirt and had started working on the male version. This was a work in progress when black friday fell. I think there may have been anotehr version without the ice flow at the bottom. I never really got started on the male version.

Never Created

July 2004


I did not even get started designing  this one...

Never Created

August 2004


This was the last class name I had form There as the class program closed.


Unused Early Class Design

Not used for obvious reasons : )
was recycled as Bonaire class

No Male Version Created
Class of Atlantis
Members of the Private Beta Test
If you wer einvoved in the private closed betatesting of There (any time before Jan. 1 2003) then you are part of the Atlantis class!
Class of Pangea
Members of the Public Beta
before the start of the Class Program
If you joined There from
 January 1 through March 18th 2003  then you are in the class of Pangea! This is the only class shirt which is not a t-shirt. It is a nice hoodie! Designed by Minai


June 2004 - June 2005

The class program made a comeback thanks to Mackie who  pushed through the idea to bring back the class program. The first  new class  covered all members form June of 04 to June of 05 . I was lucky to be called upon to design this shirt. 

Alternate Version

This version was created earlier and then later changed to have a later date on it as the  start of the new class program was delayed. I also designed the There Class sign to promote this and future classes.
June 2005

The first of the new monthly class shirts!
Designed by mr. Vercetti
July 2005
Class of Venus
Designed by Francis_7
On the front is the cloudy image of the planet Venus on a swirling green background of clouds.
August 2005
Class of Mercury
Designed by Francis_7
On the back is a Mercuty space ship and an mercury astronaut suit with a statue or the god Mercury inside. On the front is a picture of the planet Mercury and a space probe which visited. The word is reminiscrent of a car logo. The mens version has the greek symbol for Mercury on the sleve. 
September 2005
Class of Apollo
Designed by Rickpa
October 2005
Class of  Hespera
Designed by ??????
November 2005
Iris and Hebe
Designed by ??????
Decemebr  2005
Vesta - Godess of home and hearth
Designed by Francis_7
On the front is a brick fireplace motif, and on the back the ruins of the temple of Vesta.


January  2006
Zephyr God of West Wind
Designed by Francis_7
Zephyr is the god of the North Wind. To celebrate Wild West Week  this shirt had a blowing flag (showing the wind) form the Zephyr area of Dune Valley.  In the backgorund is  a nice view of Mt NeNe.
Feburary  2006
Ares- god of War
There Winter Games 2006
March  2006
Dionysus - god of vine, wine and merriment
Designed by Oli
April  2006
Flora - goddess of Flowers
Thereybook Tales
May  2006
Eros god of Love
Avi Celebration
June  2006
Juventus-- god of youth
July  2006
There Carnival
The god of the sun shirt features four images of our star shown in various spectrum frequences including X-Ray and Untraviolet!  Shirt is black with  fright stelar flames  as trim and collar.
August  2006
Nike- God of Victory
There Summer Games 2006
September  2006
Fama- God of fame. rumor
Clucky /  ThereIcon History
October  2006
Luna goddess of the moon
ThereDance Film Festival
Novemeber  2006
Phosphor Light bearer, star that brings in the day
December  2006
Hypnos- god of sleep
Winter Wonderland