Dealers Room!

New Additions 6-22-2004

Shown here is TCON redblack 405486 by Disky

This series of uniforms covers a wide 'specturm' of colors. t=top p=pants b=bottom

Female White
TCON whiteWhite (
t406693/ p406687 /b406676)

Male White
TCON whiteblack ( t-
405508 /p405509-/b 405491)

Male Black
TCON blackblack (
t406668/p406664/ b40665)

Male Green
TCON greenblack (t-
405498/ p-405499 B405501

Male Blue
TCON blueblack (
T405506 P405505 B405504)

Male Scarlet
TCON redblack (
T405486 P405507 B406719)

t=top p=pants b=bottom

Female purple alien
F TCON spacesuit purple
T406370 P406503 B406373)

Female Pink Astronaut Suit
F TCON spacesuit pink
T405476 P405489 B405490 )


Astronaut suit in red white and blue!

t=top p=pants b=bottom

M TCON spacesuit red (t-405503/ p405502 / b-406536 )

M TCON blue spacesuit t 406791/p406790 /B406536)

M TCON spacesuit white t/405475/ p 406536 b-406536

No Picture Yet

Go ape in this green top and matching pants and fur lined boots!
F TCON Z green (
t405488/ P-405492 /b-405494)

Check out this great deck and other future items by Tablatronix

T-Con Event Shirt

One of the many prizes being handed out over the week will be the convention T-shirt! The more events you attend, the better your chance of winning a free shirt will be!

The shirt was designed by Vaerie in the design the ThereCon t-shirt contest.


Check out the great space captain designs!

ExtremeGoku has created thsi spiffy outfit.

Swen Wu Kong created this great outfit! Go Ape!

Uber Geek created these Star Trooper outfits.


RadEd created this Japanese uniform.

GreyRayne created this cool t-shirt uniform and more.

Watersign created this great hoverbike (as seen in the Land of There Lost quest)

Roonster made this great rocket board!

This cool shirt was made by Liquidbraino! Are you watching the shirt or is the shirt wearing you?

Tempest has created the great alien green boots!

Rosetta has designed these great uniforms! Check them out!

Swen Wu Kong created this 'dinner jacket'
"Givin' you a number and takin' away your name!"

RadEd created these cool uniforms!


Paintbrush has created some very interesting alien designs.

Starley has created this great outfit and more!

Tophe has desinged several great metalic atches and futuristic ramps and decks.

Micole designed these cool pants!

Droopy created a bunhc of great things including these

Gaultier has created this shirt with the logo of the Internation Space Station

Alana has created a bunch of greta house decorations including wallpaper and matching furniture.

AngelSerendipity created a series of interesting uniforms.

Mirra has created some very cool vampiress outfits.

MaxSmoke has created some great things influding flower monsters, sea serpents, and giant tentacles!

This Alien Armor designed by Quijbe is very durable!

Randra has created some very vehicles also!

Jinx_tv created these glowing alien heads!

Watersign has created this great hoverbike!

This Night Fever Cyborg Top was designed by Kimmera

Snark has done a fantastic job making these 'engines' for moth men and women!

Crucal has made a wonderful series of space walls!

Sammykun has gone mad designing these uniforms! Check them out!

Phedre created this and many other unique creations! Alos check out her wonderful dragon boards and

Randra has also created this great rocket baord!

Randra has made some great modular space station parts! Check out the great captains chair.

Several 'furry' costumes are avaliable in There.

The future hacker suit by Disky.

Makes me want to make a phone call!

Over 30? Perhaps another costume would fit you better!

Made by Virtual_Vikki back in PBII

Makes me want to roll a ball around a track for some reason. Several numbers for both women and men are out.

Made by Virtual_Vikki
This is the official convention poster. Free standing and extra large.

Perfect for being a Doctor Who Companion