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Friday 5-2-03 I finally got my clothing designed and uploaded and waited checking (even when I could not log into There) to see if my designed had been approved. They finally were approved on Friday afternoon (5/2/03)! I was so excited. Now I could wear my traditional blue/purple tie-died apparel. Also approved was my first male t-shirt. The first of several teams of apparel for both men and women. As well as a personal t-shirt with an image of Virtual Vikki on the front. See my There Clothing for more examples. I had a busy night as there was a t-shirt show that night to show off new clothing designs. I bought some brochures and wrote up a description of what the designs looked like, but in the middle of all this the server which works with the brochures froze and I had to write them all over again. I added 2 auctions and then got an IM from a roommate on The Sims Online. She was there also and the day before I had sent her an e-mail asking if that was actually her. It turned out to me. So I showed here my auctions and the, thankfully, let me know that my auctions were set up wrong. I was only selling one shirt! Darn! I had to cancel those auctions and loose the listing fee. It was frustrating! I IM'ed for some help, and the helpstaff, was , as eve, helpful. Much more so that the developer documentation which did not really define that the place orders for for starting an auction as opposed to the method it mentioned first (which was to start an auction for one item in your inventory. I got that figured out and had to revise the auction numbers on my web site as well as in the brochure. The I got to the event it was already full. Many sellers could not get in and were stuck outside. I met a male model (modeling designed for a woman designer) who also could not get in. We talked for a while and then I made another mistake. I gave away all my brochures to one woman. I eventually got them back and did manage to get inside where almost everyone was a designer and no one was buying anything ; ) I handed out a few brochures, which must have worked as I sold my first 4 t-shirts that night! I was so excited! I think clothing events should really be held in areas where more people could gather. perhaps at a secluded beach someplace. Before I knew it we were all given the boot. Many of us materialized inside the ramp outside the building. There was a bunch more chatting and then it was off to my one week class reunion.

I had been to Disky's first class gathering the day before, where she had gotten her class t-shirt (Class of Cozumel) which was a pretty green with some grey bits on it. Strangely enough the men's shirt for the same class looked a lot different and had none of the grey image. Anyhow I am in the class of Aruba (3-24-03) and I had been waiting for my t-shirt from the day I got there. There was some sort of problem with getting the t-shirt put up for some reason for my class, so we ended up all getting them at the reunion. The color of brown chose was a bit less than flattering (sort of a dirty brown color) but I love it because it represents my experience in There. The hosts were also very nice and handed out free cold drinks! I had a great time chatting with others, showing off some of my clothing designs to the other members of my class. I think I was the first one in my class to become a designer, but I think others will follow. There seems to be quite a bit of interest on the part of class members designing things. I had intended to get everyone together then to summon Diksy over to get a class picture of us, but at about 15 minutes to the hour we were all unexpectedly booted out so the next event could move in early. It was a bit of a bummer and something I will probably regret for a long time! I did take the time to bookmark all the class members present and organized them into a folder so perhaps at some point we could gather again. I wonder what the burnout rate in There is? How many of my classmates will still be there when the game really opens? I did rember to grab a picture of myself in my new class shirt shortly after the event. At least I will always have my t-shirt to remember the event by.

Later on in the night a nice guy bought one of my male team uniforms and I was able to get some snapshots of on a real person. I plan on putting them up soon. As my time is very limited I most likely will be writing only infrequently here. I wish I could invest more time in the journal writing process, but time is often one luxury which I can rarely afford. I was sick the following day and was not able to be on. I did get online for a short time on Sunday evening (5-4-03), though I probably will not be writing more until Monday night. Disky has completed taking the templates for many items of clothing and has made some useful studies of the geometry and how it applies to the shapes in 3-D. Some of the UV mapping is a bit odd in the extreme! I will work on uploading these for designers to use on Monday. It appears that if you wear one of my sports jersies women will flock to you! Also shown here is the back of my personal t-shirt.

Over the weekend I got very sick. I was on a bit on Sunday night 5-4-03. The oddest thing happened. They had a Cynco De' Mayo celebration on May 4! Anyhow I stopped in. Basically it was a nice party. lots of fun and vehicles to be had. I spent most of my time there making the dogs jump up and down on command. The dogns in this game sre seem to love jumping up in the air. I thought the party was fun. They had a streaming radio channel attached to a sign posted at the party. It was a clever bit of coding. Another nice feature of this program.

Later in the evening they had a fashon event. I was worried that I would be a bit overdressed. I think I fit in ok... Except that I was trapped outside. Disky mannaged to get in and went around showing off my shirt. While I was out sick on Saturday someone bought one of my blue shirts! Anyhow someone organized a fashon show on a stage with no limit to visitors and most of the poeple outside went over to that. It went well though there were only about 5 people with designs to show off. I got Phil_N_DeBlank to model my male sports jersey for a while and I was a bit nervous walking out onto the sage in front of so many users. there were a lot more than shown in this picture as I was standing close to one side of the stage.

Shortly after that event I went with a few other nice people to a Photo Hut. It was not quite as advertised, thought I could see it's uses if a central viewing camera were to be added with some simple backdrops. Basically it turned out to be a big well lit white sheet area which you could do a framegrab. There really was not much too it at all, though i guess it does fill a need for developers, and I probably will use it at some point.

5-14-03 I am really starting to get into There. After the first week or so I thought I had most of it figured out. A few days later I realized that I was just scratching the surface of things. I am now planning an expedition into the heard of Tyr. More about the sights of that island later.
After trying every jet pack in the There storie I finally settled on the cheap yellow model. At some point I plan on making Yellow team uniforms for sports events and I will make them a matching color to this yellow device. The pictures shows me flying above my usual hangout. Another annoying problem which has started to happen is the dropping of vehicles form great altitude. Over the past few days my chat area has been bombed by flying beach buggies falling from the sky!

As it turns out a lot of things in There are orange or a tangerine color. I think someone designing them must have had a tangering iBook or a iMac at some point as they are almost that exact color. There are orange sofas (like the one shown to the left) and hoverboards and hoverpacks. None of them are the right shade of orange for my uniforms though. However the hoverboard which is orange does look allright with them on. A while back I discovered skypads. This is an interesting trick by which a jumping ramp for vehicles is built extremely high by a person with a hoverpack. The at the top a lot of 5% ramps are added to form a platform as they can overlap. Once this si completed the supporting ramps are removed and the reaming ramps simply hang in the sky! Many of them have furniture on them as well as other items. I do not think you can hang a painting there though. At about this time my first female team shirt was released.

Ok Sid, you got your wish. This is DeadSid. He tends to be around a lot. And he wanted me to talk about him on my site. So now I have ; P

On Saturday I came in second in the Grand Theft Auto There Tournament. The idea was to go around and beg borrow or steal as many biggies as was possible in a two hour period. I would like to thank all my firends who were nice enough to let me borrow their buggies! I also discovered that one of the people on my buddy list was quite annoying and I ended up removing her. I did not win with 46, but I did came in second. the prixe went ot a nice woman with over 50 cars. For some reason they would not county my shark as a buggy when I took it out of the inventory. I actually had collected two more buggies, but they fell down a hill into an area where I could not retieve them. In the pictue above you can see Disy and me. Disky helped me out quite a bit during the contest. In the picture below, my shark.


It is quite odd. I seem to be able to walk right into There any hour of the day, but Disky can not get on except furing normal business hours. I have no idea why. I am not using any method to cheat either. There has been only 1 day in the last two weeks that I have not been able to get back on. That was a Tuesday.

On Sunday night Minia (sp) held a Tv trivia contest. On thing they have to work out is a way to 'buzz in' for game like activities. Raising the hands is ok, but it is prone to lag and it would be nice to have the oder of buzzing in written down for the host to read. Calling on 1 hand is OK.. but who was seond and thind? Wow! She had dug up some great questions! What the the real name of the skipper on Gilligan's Island? I bet they only used his full name the one time. I tied for 3rd place with 4 correct answers out of 40. One of them was what does ALF stand for! Ha! I kill me!

I went to acostume party and had a great time. Thye had just approved a nice Dorothy coustume form the Wizard of Oz. The creativity of people working inside the limitations of the avaliable costume desings always amazes me!

I was interviewed one morning as part of an artcile on getting the most out of your visit to There and how to strecthc you Therbucks by bert. A reporter from news. I think the article came out great and there were a ton of good suggestions by people about how to get the most o out of your There experience. d

Monday night. I finally found someone who knew the way to the Crystal Garden. I had seen a picture of this place on a web page of a clothing designer and I set out on Monday to find it. I thought about traveling around looking for it. I made the asumption it was in Tyr as it was dark, but in the end I was a bit too tired from work during the day, so I cheated and asked a few other people where I migth find it. According to a few people there is alos a red crystal garden as well. Anyhow a group of us ended up going several places that evening taking in the sights. While in the crystal garden I met someone who had just found it using a hoverbaord. She knew of a place where there were a lot of light up cactus'. I ended up going there and draging the group along. One of the other members of the group took the pictures there and is going to send them to us.

We also visited the inside of one of the crystals above teh bridges in Tyr. We stood around in the outside for a while and then one nice person went inside and summoned us in. It was rather oddly lit inside the crystal. I am going to have to spend a lot more time exploring Tyr. Disky even found real simulated water you can wade around in in Tyr! Well more whenever I get the down time to write.

One of the nice things about creating clothing in There is seeing other people wearing it! Here Stella_NOLA is in the center and inoit_sowell is on the right. I am the one on the left. Another nice thing is getitng to know the people who have similar tastes in apparel!


TSO Refugees Bash

Proscha, Tansy, Sharlee, Tams, Me, and Christeen asre shown here wearing the colorful and rather inmate like TSO Refugee shirts at a cool party! There were a lot more people there in the shirts but Porscha and I failed to get them together in one area for a group picture.



Later that night Jeff hosted a discussion about model building. I found it very useful! Freddie was also there giving a lot of good suggestions. I am goin got have to try modeling for There at some point.

krysty held a Stand Up Comedy event. It was the first time I had been up on a stage in front of other Avatars. I think it went pretty good. I did a few bits of physical comedy using a Flaming Bannana Drink and lamented the fact the there was no watermellon to smash! I was so stressed and excited about this event I did not bother to even take a picture.

Shown to left: Xz_777, Disky, Myself, Minai, and Gage at the Cozumel Class Reunion. I was inable to attend my second class reunion and as such I have no good pictures of that event. At the first one I forgot to take pictures,, so I went to Disky's class reunion. Disky had some watycool classmates!

Me, DrGonzo, Disky and Xz_777

This is Rassilon. he had had the name for so long he had almost forgottne where the name had come from. I keep teasing him about this posessions. In this case he had created a t-shirt I liked alot. Thus making it the t-shirt of Rassilon!

When I found out about the screenshot contest I started entering at once. My first entry turned out to be a winner as selected by the editors of news. I was so excited! It was a picture of me after I had a hoverboard accident in Tyr. I did not include a full size screenshot here, but I think you get the idea. The glowing crystals of Tyr have a very sharp point!

Members Choice Awards May 22-25, 2003

This event, set up by krysty, sounded like a fun thing to do. It seemed interesting at the time. I had always wanted to do something like this back in school. However I was always too concerned with fitting in. Being a Class Clown did not seem like the sort of thing to do whne you were trying to fit in, but here was a second chance. I think I angered a few people with some of the things I did during the course of nominations and the voting, but in my defense I did not do anything that students running for student council or spirit club wouldn't do. Appologies to any I may have offended. After two days of nominations the voting started on Friday. I was surprised to find someone named Garden Gnome on the ballot for Hired By There. It turned out it was indeed not a Avitar, but an inanimate object! Getting nominated and then later getting the votes became a bigger and bigger obsession for me. At the time I had no idea why. I remember stressing out quite a bit over the voting on Friday and had a few nightmares about it.

AmberRose hosted a Sumo Buggy Wrestling Match.
It was way cool!

It was a blast. The idea was to eliminatea ll the buggues by knocking them into the sky in Saja. Disky was the winner in her newly approved Sabertooth Buggy. She knoced everyone out of the ring. Unfortunealy in one match this included me as well. Alexis_Josephine ( a way cool person and a greta buggy driver) won a new buggy!

I tired a variety of techniques to get people to nominated for me. One turned out to be very unpopular so I discontinued it right away whne the first avie complained about it. IMing people in the area did not seem to go over to well! Sorry if I offended anyone.

Next I tried threats. You know.. "If you don't vote for me I will throw this puppy in the volcano!" but that did not work so well either. The dogs are not all that combustable and they were tremendiously expensive! I ran out of dogs quickly

Anyhow I then swtiched to chatting in person with Avies. A combination of hypnotism and jedi mind tricks seemed to be most effective. Here DrGonzo has been hypnlotized inot believeing he is a chicken! Anyhow this sort of backfired as well as chickens are not known for thie writing skills and often maked a chicken scratch ont he ballot instead of a clear mark. Holly Florida Vote Battman!

Clik to left for a full size picture!

My Friday entry into the end of PB2 ScreenShot Constest sponsored by news. Was this odd problem in Tyr. There is a sign room in Tyr with glow in the dark like picture of coming attractions. I got stuck inside the ground as I tred to walk into the room. Disky came to standy beside my disembodied head. I thought i made for a way cool picture.

I just loved this party on Friday. I was out on a crusade to get people aware of the voting, and went around, and on occasion mouthed off. This party was interesting, but it was hard to figure out who was taking! I also got to learn a few more of the differences between PB1 and PB2 as the PB1 Avies have a simplere blonde hair. I think it looks neto and would love to have a PB1 hair for Halloween. It would make great Ripley hair for an Aliens costume!

Well this was stupid... but I decided that There was a big part of my life, and I assumed I was gonna loose the election anyhow and I wanted something to console me. So I splurged and bought the second of the10 stinger hoverbikes. I think it seems silly to spend this much on something which does not really exist. But I wanted to have something special in There. And besides there was no mention a warantee and that means the item will not wear out after a year! Perhaps I should justify it by helping out the company which made the game? Five of the bikes were up for auction. The other five were to be given away to member who attened events duing the week. I also like the look of it! Disky an I both went to a lot of events this week hoping to win one. They we can both cruise around in style!

Saturday Night Sacrafice!
This was wierd Barbinger aslked me to go for a ride with him after the polls closed on Sat night. I said sure. I thought he was going to drive me out someplace and claim to run out of gas. However when we finally arrived he asked me if I wanted to be a sacrafice to the goddess Nene! Well I had never been asked to be a sacrafice before. So oafter a bit of though I invited a few of my firedns to also be sacrafices. We all jumped into the volcano. It was quite interesting! After it was over I attempted to build a ramp out over the volcano to make it easier to jump off.

My Saturday sumbission to the LifeInThere end of PB2 screencapture contest was from early in the morning. Getting into the fish tank proved to be a proboem for me. However there was a simple trick to it. I got on a hoverpack and faced the fishtank up close then jumped off the pack. It bumped into me and then I hit into the flying object going through it and landing inside! I thougth this was incredibly funny! Not to mention the fish tank is a neeto item. I also sent on of the Back to Basics part of all the clones in Noob garb. I think I was saying something about pod people invading!

Losing to the Garden Gnome? First of all people complained that I was hanging aorund the election polls too much and that DeadSid was there even more than I! (hey you asked me to write about you on my web page : ) But no one ever thought to complain about the Garden Gnome! Hey he was even wearing a convicts uniform with a number on the back. His seccret evidenlty was to stand there. All day and all night! 24 hours a day getting votes. Not only that but he, and his friends, stood right around the Hired By There sign! Here are some other pictures of the voting. At one point there were a huge number of dogs jumping everywhere! The pic near the right was the end of voting. At he very last second before the signs were taken down I grabbed this screenshot. A seond later they had removed the signs. I was taking to Statik at the time. This really meant a lot to me. I really can not say why it was so important. I thought at the time that there was no prize. There was no mention of money or anything like that, but over the few days this event became a huge event in my life. I really was at a huge disadvantage. Most of the other nominees were not only great people, but had been there a lot longer than I had. I do not think I will ever do anything like this event again! I think I might make a private t-shirt! "I lost to a Garden Gnome!" ; P I

n all fairless DeadSid had told me on several occasions that he loves wearing nice clothes and wanted to be considered to tbe the best dressed Avie in There. And the thought of that standing on the sign idea! I wish I had thought of that!

Member's Choice Awards Presentation.
The award ceremony was a blast. That is it was once I was finally able to get in. The event was filled up and for osme reason (even though I was the first perosn to sign up days before), I could not get in. I dedided to just keep running up on the stage until there was an opening. It seemed like a clown like thing to do! I could just keep running up there until the thing was over or until it let me in. After a while it did work and I was able to get a seat. There was a problem with letting other people in and eventually most of people receiving awards and most of the nominees were there too. I made a suggestion that we just build a quick stage out on the lawn to let everyone in. Below are a few pictures of the ceremony. I tried to get pictures of all the winners, but I was a bit preoccupied. I decided to 'streak' across the stage. What more clownlike activity could there be?

My Award Acceptance Speech:

At first I thought I should come out here and pull a Michael Moore type speech, but then I thought better of it. As some of you might have brought your paintball guns along. '''smile'

I would like to start by saying this title suits me, and I also fit into the suit, the clown suit that is. I would like to thank all the people who helped me win this award. Especially all the chip-n-dale dancers down at Guido's Briefs and Beef! Oh, and a special thinks to all those who went out to the graveyard to help me copy down the all the names off the tombstones! 'wink' My hands were getting tired from writing down all those names.

Oh... 'darn' and a special thinks to all of you who voted for the Garden Gnome! I came in fourth in the other race to an inanimate object! '''What' Don't you think I could do the job as good as a crudely painted block of wood? Anyhow I thank you for this Class Clown award. I also do birthday parties, sporting events, and am bookable for Bat Mitzvahs but no Briss's PLEASE!

Oh and for those of you hypnotized using Jedi mind tricks before the voting, here is your hypnotic post suggestion trigger word to release you form my spell. The word is platapus. 'smile'

Again, thank you! 'smile'

Anyhow the entire event was a blast! I think my streaking through some parts may have been a bit over the top though. Disky got a picture of my streakin' so I have added it here as well.



Did it ruin the decorum?

Beryl shows up!

Hey a trophy!

The end is frickin' nigh!
Well I submitted one more screen shot on Sunday night. I had done one earlier, but it was not selected. Since mine was entered a bit too late for the contest they were very nice to award it the screne shot of the week! I was so excited because they keep those up for a long time. Click the picture to the left to see the full image! I am still waiting to see who won the grand prize for the best PB2 Bash screenshot.

5-26-03 This is probbaly my last update for a while. I had a day to two off going through withdrawals as they switched over to PB3 of There. I don't plan on doing anything too exciting in the near future. I probably will move most of this information to a PB2 page sometime over the summer. I will continue to update my experiecnes but only whne something really interesting happens. I will aslo continue to update the fashon page as Disky and I create new designs.

The End (of PB2)

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