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A science fiction convention
held in cyberspace!
June 21-28, 2004

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Video Room
Reading Room
ThereCon Awards

Convetion Pocket Program

Ongoing Events
Best of Sci-Fi and Fantasy voting at Steadman Live
Monday-Sunday ........
Land of the Lost "Miracle Pictures Movie" Quest (Virtual_Vikki)
Monday- Sunday........
I Am Spock Quest (Lindie) And several other quests too!
Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow the movie
Monday-Sunday ....... Tyr Home Tour
(Contact WildKarma to have your hourse added)
Tuesday -Sunday.......
Reading Room sponsored by the There SF Association (mostly open now)
Tuesday -Sunday.......
Video Room Rogue 026 Over 50 fan produced movies for you to watch!
Get A Program Guide Special thanks to Whatie!
Monday -Sunday.......
Dealers Room (Catalog page)
Monday-Saturday .....
Vote for the science fiction awards at Steadman Live/Napea
Tuesday-Friday at 5pm
Star Tours at Tours for U

Name the Mascot!
The T-Con Creature needs a decent name! Stop by Steadman live and helpt to give it a name. Post your idea on the Killroy sign!
Our Mascott now has a name! C'ThereLu!
Special thanx to Narile for naming our wee beastie!

One of the many prizes being handed out over the week will be the convention T-shirt! The more events you attend, the better your chance of winning a free shirt will be!

These shirts are no longer avaliable. Try the auctions to see if someone will part with thiers.


Screenshot of the Day!

Who Called the Fashion Police?
Members at the T-Con Fashion Show on Monday checking out new outfits and combinations.

The Premier of Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow (on display through sunday form 5pm on at NeNe's wake funzone. Members of the cast and the director were on hand to enjoy this sci-fi film!

Fleet Admiral Matt held a great Star Trek Trivia event at Moss Knoll.

Host Haloeighty8 sitting inside a treestump duing the speederbike races.

Tabltronix's PAZ was quite interesitng. One end of it is in the darkness near Astrology island.

Saturday Screenshot
Cathy_Schaade and Mental at Hoverbike races on Saturday evening.

Francis_7 attempts to give the short story writing contest winner, Mental, his prize, but there is some cunfusion over what story he wrote ; )

Hoverbike tube racing saw a custom hoverbike by Droopy given away as a prize!

The ThereCon mscott has a name thanx to Narile!
Offer up a flaming bannanna as a sacrafice to C'ThereLu!

Special thanks to Whatie for the use of her clubhouse and stage for use in T-Con events. Visit ThereConOps It was also to be our gaming room but with this new internet virus the web based gaming program is canceled for ThereCon.

Completed Program Items

Monday June 21,2004 Schedule

Opening Gathering at Steadman Live/Napea

Virtual_Vikki 5pm PST
Opening event. Get your pocket program. Name the mascot! Vote for the best of Scinece Fiction and Fantasy awards.

Land of the Lost Quest (runs through Sunday)

Virtual_Vikki at the Adventure Quest Clubhouse
Do a quest, watch a movie! Thats right not picture clues, but movie clues!

Sci-Fi Fashon Show at Steadman Live

6:30-7:30 PM PST designers let VV know to get VIP invite!

Eye of Argon (Voice Chat) Reading at the Rune Room

Francis_7 9pm PST
A convention favorite. Try to read one of the worst written stores without laughing.
Some mature content.

Tuesday June 22 ,2004 Schedule

Premier of Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow Movie

Francis_7 5pm PST
Meet the director and cast and crew of this movie at Vikki's Chinese Theater!

Trek Trivia

Fleet Admiral Matt 7-8ppm PST Moss Knoll
You think you are the Star Trek Master? Transport over and prove your honor in this all trek trivia contest!

Phasers on Stun! Themed paintball event!

Virtual_Vikki 9-10pm
Ah! We come in peace... shoot to kill! Or set your phasers on stun in this obstacle filled paintball gun course! 5 last man standing matches 5 prizes!

Star Tours at Tours for U

Icedoll 5pm PST

Video Room opens today at 11am PST

Over 50 fan produced videos! (open through Sunday)

Reading Room opens today at 4pm PST

Wednesday June 23 ,2004 Schedule

Babylon 5 In Retrospect NEW!

Kally_Lunch 1pm PST
Come here to talk about J. Michael Strazynski's Babylon 5 and Crusade. "The year is 2258...the place: Babylon 5..."

Hyperspace Hoverbaording

Haloeighty8 1pm-4pm

Sandmen vs Runners! Themed paintball event

Virtual_Vikki 7pm PST
Whos on what side? Does it matter in this last man standing event? Just start shooting Let the thinker sort them out! 5 matches 5 prizes!

Trek Trivia

Fleet Admiral Matt 7-8pm PST Moss Knoll
You think you are the Star Trek Master? Transport over and prove your honor in this all trek trivia contest!


Narile 6pm PST
Come test your words of wit against others, prove that you can make them groan the loudest and take home the prize.

Star Tours at Tours for U

Icedoll 5pm PST

Eye of Argon (voice chat) Reading at the Rune Room

Francis_7 9pm PST
A convention tradition. Try to read one of the worst written stores without laughing. Prizes to be won.
Some mature content.

Spaceballs: The Reinvasion a QE4 event

Hazzy 7-9pm at Bounder Terrace
Spaceballs has landed agian, with just a few modifications. Play some paintball, or spades, or rock out to KTHR!

Phasers on Stun paintball

Fleet Admiral Matt 6pm

Video Room

All Day! Hosted by Bernard Bruhaha
This collection of over 50 films offers some of the best made fan projects of all time.

Reading Room

All Day
Classic novels, some complete doctor who books and more fan fiction than you can shake a stick at!

Thursday June 24 ,2004 Schedule

Science Fiction TV Trivia

Virtual_Vikki 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Gecko
T-Con t-shirts to the top 2 avatars with the most correct answers!

Speederbike Races (hoverbike event)

Haloeighty8 1-4

Buck Rogers Rocketpack Race

Mental 3-5pm PST Red Sky Funzone
Use hoverpacks and flutterbugs to race across Killer Kane's Planet of Doom. Celebrate T-Con by flying this fast and entertaining course.

StarTours at Tours for U

Icedoll 5pm PST
An amazing tour of all the great space and future PAZ's and some very alien places in There!

Broc Lee the movie

Land of There Lost

The first 'movie' quest in There continues today

Video Room

Check out the Video room with over 50 fan videos!

Friday June 25 ,2004 Schedule

Future Fashion Show

3pm PST Steadman Live
Bring your newest future designs or just visit to browse the beautiful creatiuons!

Ground Based Phaser Aray Paz!

Tablatronix has made this nice paz for you to enjoy! Check it out

Flying Monkeys Attack! Hoverpack/Paintball

Sharlee 1pm-4pm PST
Fly and shoot it out. Prize to last Avie standing!

Trek Trivia NEW

Fleet Admiral Matt 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Ootay Beach Stage
Do you think you are the Trek master? Come prove your honour in this head to head trivia game!


Narile 6-7:30pm pst
Come test your words of wit against others, prove that you can make them groan the loudest and take home the prize. The first one was a blast! Don't miss your final chace to do this at T-Con! Prizes to be won!

StarTours at Tours for U

Icedoll 5pm PST

Land of There Lost

All day at the Adventure Quest Clubhouse!

Saturday June 26 ,2004 Schedule

Babylon 5 In Retrospect the re-run

12pm - 1pm PST Kally_Lunch

Alien Invasion Sorry this event has been canceled

Dark_Dharma / There Street Players 5pm - 7pm PST

Costume Creature Calvelcade at Steadman Live

Costume Creature Calvelcade at Steadman Live
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Francis_7
Put on your best alien lookset, or you most 'out of this world' costume and join us for a 'far out' party!

Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow the movie

All day at NeNe's Wake

Last day for voting in the Best of Sci-Fi Awards!

Voting closes at 10pm PST

T-Con Hoverbiking

9pm - 11pm PST Cathy_Schaade
at Red Sky Fun Zone at Bamboo Terrace.

Sunday June 27 ,2004 Schedule

T-Con Win a hoverbike!

Francis_7 2pm PST at NeNe's Wake
Yes thanks to Droopy we have a very cool hoverbike to give away to the person on a bike with the fastest time! Tell your freinds!

Broc Lee Man of Tomorrow the movie

Final day at the Chinese Theater! See chapter 8 of thie exciting movie serial! Moves to Miricle Pictures tomorrow

T-Con Sci-Fi Awards and Closing Party

Francis_7 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm Steadman Live / Napea
It's been a long rocket ride but now we can agian see the green hills of There! Fire your retro jets and come in for a landing at this very down to earth event. Best of sci-fi awards will be revealed!

Land of There Lost movie quest

This the latest movie from Miracle Pictures comes in the form of a quest. As you find the clues you watch another section of the movie!

Video Room

Over 50 great fan produced videos to see!
Closes tomorrow morning!

Reading Room

Great novels and more fan fic than you can shake a stick at!
Closes tomorrow morning!

Voting for your science fiction favorites!

You nominated them, now get out and vote!

Voting is now closed.

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel

Hitchikers Guide - Adams
Lord of the Rings Tolkien
War of the Worlds - Wells
Harry Potter - Rowling
Farenheit 451 - Bradbury

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Author

Frank Herbert
H. G. Wells
Douglas Adams
M. Weis & T. Hickman
Ray Bradburry

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Series

Star Trek TOS
Babylon 5
Star Trek The Next Generation

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie

Star Wars (1977)
Lord of The Rings series
Dune (1984)
Blade Runner
Enemy Mine

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Movie Special Effetcs

The Matrix (series)
Star Trek First Contact
Time Machine (2003)
Godzilla vs Mothra

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy episode of a TV series or a Miniseries

Trouble with Tribbles an episode of the classic Trek show
Star Trek the Next Generation - Damok
Babylon 5 - Sleeping in the Light
X-Files Jose Chung's Form Outer Space
The Dune TV Miniseries

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Short Story

I Robot - Issac Asimov
Death Angels's Shadow by Karl E. Wagner
Mars is Heaven by Ray Bradbury (1948?)
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (1966)
The Masque of the Red Death - Edgar Allen Poe (1842)

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