Online video about the TV series The Starlost

 Starlost Promotional Film

Created for stations they were hoping to syndicate to this 6 minute film (originally shot on video) talks about the series the Starlost before production began. This fim is very interesting. I was very excited to finally get a copy of it. If anyone has a copy in which the color has not faded away please let me know as I would love to have a better copy of it here. This film was produced just before things began to fall apart as Douglas Trumble was still involved with the production.

Click here to see the video (the video is in Real Video format and may require the G-2 player to view)

I have tested it once and got it to play. This page is not completely finished.. Continue with caution....

The film begins with a long narrative bit about the story of The Starlost. Footage in this sequence is all from Silent Running. I guess they thought it would look impressive.

The Narration is interesting as they try hard not to use the word "The" before Starlost. It also mentions that Harlan Ellison will be writing 6 episodes of the series as well as the pilot and talks about how he has won ' every science fiction award'

Then on a magicam set both Kier Duella and Douglas Trumble approach from the backgound and sit on stools and talk about the series. The effect seemed pretty real on the original too. I think it was the shadows which make it stand out as being realistic. The set is also interesting, though a bit undetailed. I think this was the only time that magicam was ever used on the series (aside from maybe a shot of the ark) so this makes it a perfect example of what it could have been like.

Kier Duella talks about the plot and his character as well as repeating a lot of what the narrator said in the beginning bit. He also refers to his characker as having the name Vic. How odd. I guess they decided to go back to the original name Harlan came up with.

Douglas speaks about how the series will be using the sophisticated Magicam process to add actors in via a bluescreen. Quite a shame this process was not used on the show.

He illustrates his point with a few scenes shoing some people in office chairs in a futuristic control room.

Look how cool it is with only 2 chairs and 3 people against a bluescreen!


There is also a section where it talks about other productions (Voyage of the Aquanauts) and shows some other magicam sequences including a tiny man fighting a giant hand off with a pencil. These did not translate very well at all into the Real Video format.

Kier finishes up with a section obviously added on at the last second talking about how exciting it will be in the fall whne the show premiers and adds a bit of infomration about who is making the series and where it is alredy being shown.

Probably the most interesting thing about this segment is that it mentions that the series will be taped in Canada. I guess this was just before things started to fall apart.