Starlost Biographies


KEIR DULLEA: Stars as Devon

GAY ROWN: Stars as Rachel

 ROBIN WARD: Stars as Garth

Production Team

DOUGLAS TRUMBULL: Executive Producer

JEROME M. ZEITMAN: Co-Executive Producer


 ED RICHARDSON: Associate Producer

NORMAN KLENMAN: Executive Story Consultant

JACK McADAM: Art Director/Production Designer

BEN BOVA: Technical Advisor

Guest Stars

STERLING HAYDEN: Guest Star on "Voyage of Discovery"

FRANK CONVERSE: Guest Star on "Lazarus From the Mist"

BARRY MORSE: Guest Star on "The Goddess Calabra"

 JOHN COLICOS: Guest Star on "The Goddess Calabra"

LLOYD BOCHNER: Guest Star on "The Pisces"