DOUGLAS TRUMBULL: Executive Producer


Douglas Trumbull, executive producer for 20th Century-Fox Television's new science fiction series, THE STARLOST, began working as a freelance technical illustrator in 1960. A short time later, he was hired by Graphic Films Corporation as an apprentice background artist, and in just one year, became head of the background department, where he worked on such films as "Lifeline in Space" and "Space in Perspective" for NASA and "To The Moon and Beyond" in Cinerama 360 for the New York World's Fair.

In 1965, Trumbull was commissioned by Stanley Kubrick to produce special visual effects for the motion picture, "2001: A Space Odyssey." For that film, he designed and built the "Slit-Scan" devise for completely automated and programmed streak photography.

Upon his return from England in 1968, Trumbull formed his own company and produced television commercials, promotional films, and special film sequences from feature films. He also designed and holds patents for the new 70mm film process, which is now incorporated as "Showsphere."

In 1971, he completed all special visual effects for the motion picture, "The Andromeda Strain," followed by a stint as writer, producer and director for Universal pictures' "Silent Running."