GAY ROWN: Stars as Rachel


Gay Rowan, who stars as Rachel in THE STARLOST, brings to this exciting science fiction series a diverse background in television, films and legitimate theatre.

Her most recent role was the lead in "U-Turn", Canada's official entry and the opener of the Berlin Film Festival. "I couldn't believe the reception I got when I arrived," Gay commented, "they're really interested in Canadian productions over there." Her career has very much the aura of a story about it. She has no formal training and that kept her from performing with establishment theatres in Canada. But her desire to act won out. Her first taste of acting came with the Red Barn Theatre during the summer of 1965 and the following year. She moved to Toronto where she appeared with the Toronto workshop in "Flood" and "Che Guevera". While with the Theatre Passe Muraille she played in "Buzzer" and later played Sister Joy in the Global Village production of "The Life of Lady Godiva".

25-year-old Ms. Rowan was born in Toronto but grew up in the neighbouring Pickering. While at high school she was always pushing for theatre and dramatic productions. Last year she played the lead role in three films, "Downhill All The Way", "Race Home to Die" and the aforementioned "U-Turn".

Also last year Gay auditioned with Keir Dullea in a role for a screen test. She might have missed the chance for this part had Keir not remembered her and asked that the tape be found and she be considered for the part. "I was really surprised because they usually wipetaped tests such as mine but it was still there and the producers were talking to me and finally asked me to do another audition tape. I had four days to put something together and they were good enough to provide me with an actor so I didn't have to go it alone."

Taping for "The Starlost' is keeping Gay busy and will continue to do so for another four months and maybe more. "I'm excited about all this," Gay said. "Keir is such a giving actor, I know I'll learn a lot from him."

Last year was a big year for Gay and everything happened so quickly, but she recalled, "there were some moments of drought and that was when I went back to work as a waitress. I worked between jobs. I didn't mind it, it was honest and hard work."



Toronto, Canada


July 28






117 lbs.



Rachel: is Gay Rowan

A girl you will remember. Because Rachel will change from the outset of the series through its various segments, in the way modern women are changing. Reared to be a chattel, an unthinking toy for the man she marries, a pretty thing who tends house, Rachel will become a self-reliant, witty, resourceful woman of quick intelligence and enormous personal stores of strength. She will change more than either of the men, and in some ways her character will be the most fascinating. Because we live in a time when the role of women is changing, and Rachel will be a paradigm for today's woman, shucking off the fetters of ancient preconceptions as to what a woman is, building for herself a personality and an ambience that will make her memorable. She will not be the tittering courtesan, nor the helpless Fay Wray-like victim, whimpering helplessly.

She will be a strong and determined woman who has a mission that she has come to believe in. A woman who has perceived the futility and pointlessness of her former life, and subscribed to a new way of life that demands fleetness of foot and thought if she is to survive.