ED RICHARDSON: Associate Producer

Ed Richardson started his career at ABC Television in Manchester, England, where, in 1956, he began an eight-year stint as assistant director of the drama series, "Armchair Theatre." "While I was with ABC-TV in England, for those seven years I had the opportunity to work with the most progressive drama being produced anywhere at the time," Ed commented. "In England, Australia and Canada, I've worked on just about every type of production in just about every area there is."

After working in Australia, he moved to Canada, where he produced four episodes of the "This is The Life" series for Lutheran Television. He also directed 135 episodes of Twentieth Century-Fox Television's courtroom drama series, "Famous Jury Trials."

During the last six years at CFTO, CTV's Toronto affiliate, he has worked with both film and videotape on a number of series as well as specials. His production credits for the CTV Television Network are extensive and varied. Among them are game shows ("The Newlywed Game") public affairs programs, dramas and documentary specials on such diverse subjects as the Apollo space program and John Lennon's visit to Canada ("John and Yoko; A Visit for Peace").