CTV and Glen-Warren Productions have secured the services of one of Canada's best-known writer-producer-directors, William Davidson, who will produce "The Starlost", premiering this Fall on CTV.

William Davidson has enjoyed a long and successful career as a producer, director and writer in his native Canada since 1948. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Lorne Green Academy of Radio Arts, he had some early experience in Toronto in theatre, radio and journalism.

In 1948, he joined the National Film Board of Canada as a film editor and subsequently wrote and directed more than fifty documentaries.

In 1957, he formed partnerships, which owned and operated two film production companies, Klenman-Davidson Productions, Ltd. and Ivy League Films, Ltd.

In 1960, he began a five-year association with CBC-TV in Toronto as a producer-director, during which time he amassed credits on more than 1,000 live, taped and filmed TV programs. In addition, he was executive producer of numerous children's shows, and created several series for the network.

The following year, Davidson joined ASP Productions as producer of "Forest Rangers," a highly successful outdoor-adventure series, several episodes of which he also wrote and directed.

Since 1967, he has been extensively involved with Ontario Educational Television, for whom he has written more than 100 scripts on a wide variety of subjects and a stint as audiovisual consultant and producer at Expo '67.

He also created and produced "Adventures in Rainbow Country," a half-hour dramatic Canadian TV series distributed world-wide. The show was produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Associated British Pathe.

He was also the director and producer of two Canadian theatrical feature films, "Now That April's Here" from a book of short stories by Morley Callaghan, and "The Fast Ones" was one of the earliest motorcycle action films.

Today, Davidson is president of Tower Hill Productions, Ltd. and producer-director-partner in Manitou Productions, Ltd.