BEN BOVA: Technical Advisor

Ben Bova is the editor of Analog Science Fiction-Science Fact magazine, one of the most widely read and influential science fiction magazines in the world.

Born in Philadelphia, where he attended Temple University and received a degree in Journalism, Bova is himself a prolific writer of science fiction and science fact. He has also been a working newspaperman, an aerospace executive and a writer of teaching films. As manager of marketing for Avco Everett Research Laboratory in Massachusetts, he has worked with leading scientists in advanced research fields such as high-power lasers, magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), plasma physics, and artificial hearts. Prior to joining Avco, he wrote motion picture scripts for the Physical Sciences Study Committee, working with the MIT Physics Department and Novel Lauriates from many universities. Earlier, he was a technical editor on Project VANGUARD with the Martin Co. in Baltimore. He also worked on several newspapers and magazines in the Philadelphia area.

Bova has lectured on topics ranging from the history of science fiction to the future of America's cities. His audiences have ranged from junior high school students to the New York Academy of Sciences.

His short stories and science articles have appeared in all the major science fiction magazines, as well as the Smithsonian Magazine, the IEEE Spectrum and many other technical journals. His book, The Fourth State of Matter, was honored as one of the top 100 science books of 1971 by the American Librarians' Association. Starflight and Other Improbabilities was selected as a junior Literary Guild book in 1973.

Bova and producer Bill Davidson work with the writers to examine scripts for their technical content to assure adherence to known science and the background of the series.

"I am personally very pleased to work on 'The Starlost'," he commented. "It's flattering to be asked to work with a series I think is an exciting one. I am also happy to see that television people think science fiction warrants the services of the very competent people they have working on it."

'The Starlost' is an example of science fiction looking as far as the mind can stretch and investigating interaction between science, technology and people. Science fiction is a deliberate examination of man's place in the universe, "Bova concluded.