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Information about the 'different' episodes of The Starlost

A tiny bit of the episode guide information is from Starlog's Photo Guidebook: TV Episode Guides Vol #1(Copyrighted 1981. No disrespect of copyright intended.) but they got the order all wrong and left out a lot of episodes! In fact they had pictures from episodes (captioned correctly) which they did not even mention in the episode guide! Also some neeto pics of the model from the series on the back of the book and one of it showing the chromakey rig for holding it up. Most of this episode guide has been removed or rewritten. Still this book is worth having for the nice pictures. Special thanks going out to Scott Dimora for filling in some of the gaps on the order of the shows.

Newer additions come courtesy of John Bryant who graciously xereoxed off a huge packet of publicity information. More information will be added as I get the time to type it in. Some of this new information is placed here in the for of expanded synopsis. Some of this information was written before episodes were filmed, so keep in mind some if it may not be all that accurate. Unfortunately, while a lot more detailed, there were only expanded descriptions for the first few episodes.

Expanded Episode Guide

1 Voyage of Discovery - by Cordwainer Bird (AKA Harlan Ellison)

The citizens of Cypress Corners have converged in their place of worship to hear Jeremiah speak. The old man peers down at Devon and asks, "Do you harbour secret spite against your Elders?" Devon, desperate to marry Rachel, asks why the people are against the union. "Rachel is promised to young Garth" he replies. "The Creator's voice decrees it." Then he angrily flicks the switch on his computer "'module and asks, "Is there genetic relevance for consideration of Devon as mate to young Rachel?" The mechanical voice replies, "Devon unsuitable. No mating." Jeremiah then snaps it off with a finality that cannot be misconstrued.

Later that evening, Devon spies on Elders Jubal and Jeremiah who pops a cassette Into the machine and speaks. "My wishes have been spurned by the undevout Devon. He must be driven out of the lands I have given you." Then he adds, "Devon must be eliminated." At that, the young man charges at them. "You make the voice of the Creator!" he cries, "so we'll do everything you say." He grabs the cassette and runs off.

While fleeing his pursuers, Devon meets Old Abraham who tells him to go to the monument for protection. There, Abraham opens the iris with his key and Devon enters the darkness within. Suddenly, he is lifted and hurled into space.

Moments later, the mob reaches the entrance. Jeremiah halts their efforts to enter explaining that there is a bottomless pit behind the door. "Who enters there, never returns to the world." Appeased, the mob disbands.

Still afloat, Devon hears a recorded voice telling him, "Approaching gravitation plate...prepare for release from attraction force." At that momentD he comes sprawling down to the floor where he discovers a blue flashing systems light and another iris. He enters the iris and soft electronic music begins to play. Then the room becomes alive with a show of the constellations.

He enters another room where his eyes are drawn to a round screen. The vision of a face emerges on the screen, 'and Devon nervously stammers that he is from Cypress Corners. "One of 53 similar biosphere domes aboard the Ark," replies the voice. It goes on: "In the year AD 2285, a series of atomic explosions threatened all earth life with extinction. The committee of scientists and philosophers selected segments of earth life to seed other worlds. Then they set about to build the Ark, the most monumental construction undertaken by humans, and when it was complete, it was launched on a centuries-long journey to the planets of Alpha Centauri." He added that during the journey an accident occurred in the Ark's vast controls and +he only way to prevent its drifting off course and ultimate collision is to inform the bridge. The screen loses its image, the iris opens, and Devon exits. Again, he is lifted, and when he lands on the ground, he's back in Cypress Corners.

There, he's drawn to funereal sounds coming from the place of worship. The people are holding a symbolic ritual in honor of his "death." He runs to the front of the congregation to tell them of the impending danger to their lives, but he speaks to deaf ears. They seize him, hold him prisoner, and he is condemned to death the next morning.

That evening, Garth sneaks into the chamber and releases Devon by pryin9 at the hydraulic lock.

Then it is discovered that Devon has escaped with Rachel, an enraged Garth volunteers to find them somewhere in the mysterious tunnel.

Enroute to finding "the bridge," Devon and Rachel are confronted by Garth. He raises his crossbow and tells Devon that he deserves to be killed for his double-cross. The frightened man explains about having to find "the bridge" where there must be people, and Garth drops his crossbow. The people must be told about the accident if the ship is to continue its journey.

They reach the exit iris and discover that it leads to a bridge. As they enter, they see the remains of a body lying on the floor. They arrive at another room and find it fi I led with debris, complex instruments.. .and more bodies. "~e may be the first living beings here in 500 years," says Devon. Then he notices Rachel's eyes are fixed upon the ceiling's clear-glassed dome. Floating listlessly are two spacemen who have apparently been frozen In space. Then they witness the most amazing sight of all...the vast, fantastic Ark stretched out 100 miles ahead.

"Are those our worlds?" asks Rachel. "Yes," replies Devon, "and somehow the three of us have to save them."

Rachel (Gay Rowen) and Garth (Robin Ward) pose for one of the few publicity stills released by 20th Century Fox.


(Airdate: September 22, 1973)
Writer: Cordwainer Bird (Harlan Ellison)
Director: Harvey Hart

Keir Dullea - Devon
Gay Rowan - Rachel
Robin Ward - Garth
Sterling Hayden - Jeremiah
George Sperdakos - Jubal
Gillie Fenwick - Old Abraham
William Osler - Computer Voice & Host
Sean Sullivan - Rachel's Father

Aileen Seaton - Rachel's Mother
Jim Barron - Garth's Father
Kay Hawtrey - Garth's Mother
Scott Fisher - Small Boy

Norman Klenman: head writer of The Starlost on the creation of the pilot episode.

I will tell now the true story behind the pilot for this series. Harlan Ellison even in those days had a reputation as a fine scifi writer, mostly stories, though he was now working in TV. My friend Bill Davidson, a former collaborator on two feature films with me in Canada, was made producer of the series and found Ellison was already involved by Baton (CFTO Toronto) and NBC-20th Fox, as writer of the "bible" or story idea, and the key opening episode. Davidson and the station had, however, enormous problems with Ellison. I think he suffered from inflated ego. A talent, but an ego -- I suppose good creative people have egos by their very nature. They could not get anywhere with him. Canada had few professional TV drama writers, none to my knowledge still living there and experienced in network hour long dramas. Ellison got in touch with the top scifi writers, but nothing shootable emerged after weeks, maybe months. Ellison was either fired or quit. I was working in Hollwyood writing drama for Universal, 20th, etc., but was also a Canadian, and therefore could be "imported" without disturbing the Canadian content rules for that period re shooting in Canada (rules I never understood). I was invited, in fact, pursued by Arthur Weinthall, head of production for CTV network, to please come and be story editor. I did not wish to go back to Toronto (in hot, humid summers) but Bill was an old friend. First thing when I was hired I phoned Ellison whom I had never met. I spoke to him candidly bvy phone as a fellow writer and member of the Writers Guild West, but had never had met him. I said plainly, Harlan, I'm not a science fiction writer and know nothing about it, but I've written for CBC-TV, BBC-TV, and here in network TV, so hope I can handle it. He was explosive and acidic, at me, at Davidson, at CTV and hung up on me.

Well, back in Toronto I read for the first time the bible, and could barely stay awake reading it. Worse, I read his draft of the opening episode and nearly got on a plane back to LA. It was that bad in my eyes: boring, turgic, biblical, heavy, and dull. What more can I say? And this from a man of his reputation. Still, it takes all kinds. I rewrote the script that they shot, and subsequently hired the writers, chose the themes, wrote four original, did massive rewriting on 8 more but took only minimal credits as some of these were done by fine WGA writers from whom I did n ot wish to steal credits. I did minimal editing and rewriting on the last four. The series ended and I returned to LA. Bill was a fine producer, and all the directors were talented. The technical innovations and the contribution by Ben Bova, fine man though was, and talented, fell flat. CFTO without help or experience had to manufacture from the ground up the early technial materials essential to the space aspects of the show. The cast were fine, and Bill a pleasure as always to work for.

Some time later I learned Ellison trashed Bill and me in a US sleazemag. He probably got money for it. Later, he behaved in an odd way at a WGA film club screening and it hit the pages of the WGA magazine. I wrote a brief, funny (I thought) tongue in cheek response, because the article carried word that Harlan had actually apologised for his behaviour at the club. I thought that deserved notice, and a welcome retreat from the ego inflation for which he was famous. The article didn't appear. Instead his buddy, the editor of the journal, forwarded my light hearted note to Ellison. I was in Vancouver at the time opening my new TV station there. The note could only be described as poison pen. It was nasty. Insulting, in fact. I thought about it, and then, realizing that life is short, I returned the letter to him with a note saying that, look, this isn't serious, don't take it that way, if I pass on do you want this awful letter you wrote to be found and shown to who knows how many decent folk? Here it is, destroy it. He (if you can believe this) actually mailed it back to me. He was still nasty, but commended my graciousness. That, I hoped, is where the matter would end. But I understand that even years later he was still smoldering inside about his Starlost "treatment". Now the payoff: He had spoke constantly around the WGA about this "treatment". He submitted his script of Episode one of the Starlost for judgment in the union awards, and won first prize for hour drama. Did he submit his awful (in my view) draft, or the one I rewrote??? I shall never know. I really don't care, either. The world is full of wonderful things without bad feelings. One of the wonderful things is this lovely compendium of Starlost material, keeping alive for all of us a time of great fun and genuine television enjoyment.







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Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Closing Credits


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2 Lazerius from the Mist - by Doug Hall and Don Wallace

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!
This is made even more frustrating as this episode went on to explain a lot about what our heroes were doing on the ark.

The segment begins with Devon, Rachel and Garth at the ARK's communications board trying in vain to contact other parts of the earthship. A sudden "Emergency" signal flashing from the Medical Center sends the trio In search of the trouble.

Just as they reach their destination, they are ambushed by a club- wielding mob of raged-looking tube-dwellers who scream threats of death to the "thieves" who dare to invade the forbidden "Dome of the Dead." Devon and Rachel narrowly escape by barricading themselves In the Medical Center, but Garth, arriving too late, is forced to flee Into the darkness.

The deserted Center's ''Emergency'' turns out to be a false alarm, but the information bank which Devon activates tells the visitors that they are in the Cryonic Records Section, where the bodies of many of the ARK's designers and engineers are in frozen suspension. However, by proper use of the computer, they may be revived should their knowledge be needed. Rachel and Devon see hope for salvation, and proceed to choose one of the scientists for ressurection.

Garth, meanwhile, has been captured by the tube-dwellers and taken to their squalid community. He tries to tell their skeptical sergeant where he comes from, but to no avail. They decree that Garth must die, but not until his two colleagues are apprehended.

Devon and Rachel, having chosen Dr. Gerald Aaron as their subject, activate the mechanism to restore his body to Its normal temperature, not realizmg until too late that Dr. Aaron had been frozen just two hours before a deadly radiation virus would have killed him. Now, as he is restored to consciousness, Devon and Rachel realize they've condemned him to death.

Dr. Aaron gradually remembers everything, but regrets that as a communications engineer, he can be of little help in getting the ARK back on its course. His wife, however, had been a nuclear engineer, and locating her might solve their problem.

Suddenly the tube-dwellers arrive, holding Garth as hostage. Attempts at luring their prey from the Center are thwarted when Dr. Aaron finds some sedation vials to incapacitate the mob. In the melee, Garth is freed and the tube- dwellers' sergeant is taken captive.

Dr. Aaron's search for information on his wife activates a videotape message she had recorded, explaining that since the ARK had room to cryogenically preserve only one of them, she had sacrificed salvation in favor of her husband. In despair and weakness, Dr. Aaron loses consciousness. When he comes to, however, his disease begins to drain his strength, and it Is clear that he must be re-frozen at once. As preparations are made, Dr. Aaron warns that the construction and operation manuals stored in various domes must be found if the ARK is to be saved. Furthermore, he suddenly remembers an unused agrarian dome which would make an ideal home for the tube-dwelling nomads.

All the while, the enraged tube-dwellers have been battering at the Medical Center door, and just as Dr. Aaron goes Into frozen suspension, they break through. But their sergeant, now convinced of his captors' sincerity and overjoyed at the prospect of a fertile home for his people, stems their violence.

In peace, they go to see the new land, and bid their three friends a grateful farewell. Devon, Rachel and Garth consider returning to Cypress Corners, but quickly realize that their quest for the ARK's salvation is far more important, and they must press on.

Doug McGrath

(Airdate: September 29, 1973)
Writers: Doug Hall and Don Wallace
Director: Leo Orenstein

Keir Dullea Devon
Gay Rowan Rachel
Robin Ward Garth
Frank Converse Dr. Gerald Aaron
Vivian Reis Mrs. Aaron
William Osler Computer Voice & Host
Doug McGrath The Sergeant
Mel Tuck 1st Tube Dweller
Alan Bleviss 2nd Tube Dweller






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Act 1


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Act 2


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Act 3


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Act 4


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Closing Credits


57:44 58:24

3 The Goddess Calabra - by Martin Lager (From a Story by Ursula K. Le Guin)

Devon, Rachel and Garth are exploring one of earthship Ark's huge freight chambers. Pushing past loud radiation warnings, they are suddenly lifted to the surface of the dome Omicron and find themselves in a strange city of geodisic domes and angular buildings.

A siren sounds as the trio is bathed in a hot, blinding light and surrounded by soldiers demanding identification. But the moment they see Rachel, they drop reverently to their knees and hail her as the goddess Calabra.

The dumbfounded visitors are escorted to a palatial building where the Governor interro9ates them as an awed court watches. Rachel's attempts to explain her origin are In vain, for the Governor indicates a portrait of the goddess Calabra who bears an extraordinary resemblance to Rachel and orders that arrangements be made at once for their wedding.

Devon and Garth protest, but they are whisked off to be "fed and looked after." Later, when their dinner is brought to them, they overcome the guards and escape.

Alone with the Governor, and dressed in robes befitting a goddess, Rachel tries to convince him that unless they can locate certain technical data among Omi~ron~5 books, the Ark is doomed. The Governor brushes her arguments aside, saying that except for a few books still held by the priests, all printed matter was destroyed years ago. Moreover, he doesn't really believe that she's a goddess, but his people do; and marrying her will guarantee his reign.

He then shows Rachel an immense laboratory where babies are being artificially propogated, and explains that long ago, great radiation destroyed the double-X chromosome, making it impossible to breed females. Rachel is now the ..only woman on Omicron.

That night, Devon and Garth steal into Rachel's suite, but a sudden knock at the door sends the men into hiding. Rachel admits Shalith, the priest who has come to question her. She tells him what she knows of the Ark. He has learned the same information from the sacred books This convinces him to show the books to Devon and Garth and he takes the two men to the monastery. Soldiers appear to take Shal ith to the Governor. Out of respect for the sanctuary of the monastery, they leave Devon and Garth with an old priest, who refuses to unlock the sacred writings.

The Governor is anxious for the marriage to take place. To avoid upheaval among the people, Shalith grudgingly agrees to marry him to Rachel. Later, as the ceremony is about to commence, Devon and Garth appear with the captain of the guard, whom they have convinced to challenge the Governor. The captain soon backs down in fear, and Devon takes up the challenge. The battle begins with a mace and shield as weapons. Devon's youth and agility soon make him the victor, but he spares the Governor's life in exchange for freedom and a look at the sacred books.

Later, near the exit from Omicron, the trio finally see the books, and find that they contain nothing more than useless logarithm tables. Suddenly the Governor arrives, and when Rachel again rejects him, he sadly waves them on their way.

This episode features John Colicos the actor who played Baltar on Battelstar Galactica and Bary Morrse the actor who played the old scientist in the first season of Space: 1999 as well as being a star on The Fugative.

The Goddess Calabra

(Airdate: October 6, 1973)
Writers: Martin Lager and Ursula K. Le Guin
Director: Harvey Hart

John Colicos ------ the Governor
Barry Morse ------ Shalith
Dominic Hogan ---- the Priest
Michael Kirby ------ the Captain
George Naklowich the Deputy
Paul Geary ------- the Guard



4 The Pisces - by Norman Klenman

Devon Rachel and Garth are awakened by a voice announcing the arrival of the "Pisces." As the craft's crew complete their linkup, a man and two women emerge and identify themselves as Commander Garroway, Captain Janice and Navigator Teale. They explain that they were launched from the ARK ten years ago to search for settling places for the ARK's population. They are shocked to return to find the ARK off-course, her crew vanished.

The three invite Devon, Rachel and Garth aboard Pisces for a flight along the ARK to search for the damage. As they spot the exploded dome that once housed the thermonuclear reactors, the Pisces crew mysteriously falls into a deep sleep. Hurriedly revived by their guests, they re-dock their small craft.

Back aboard the ARK, the Pisces crew head anxiously for the Crew Family Quarters, but instead of excited relatives, they are met by dul1 witted strangers, family remnants of crews long-dead.

Making their way to the deserted bridge of the ARK, Garroway and his crew are told by a computer voice that the Pisces was launched 409 years ago! Garroway concludes that the three have been victims of a "time dilation." That is, the Pisces, traveling close to the speed of light, experienced a mere ten-year lapse compared with 409 years on the ARK.

Later, on the bridge, Teale tries to make a puzzled Garth understand what has happened, as Rachel and Janice compare their diverse backgrounds. Garroway has discovered, meanwhile, that the ARK's systems are In far worse shape than he can handle. He's also been drinking champagne, and has begun to babble incoherently. Coaxing Garroway into a computer diagnostic system, the crew finds that the intense time dilation is causing his brain to rapidly deteriorate into senility. The only salvation for the three of them is an immediate return to their previous environment, the Pisces. All board the ship and later find out that the ARK is on a collision course with a star.

As Garth notices that the Pisces is drifting from the ARK, Janice and Teale suddenly stage a mutiny. The two women barricade themselves in the navigation room, holding Devon at bay with a stun-gun. They announce their intention to fly Pisces back to Earth, fearing that if they board the ARK they will face certain death.

Devon and Garroway (who overhears everything over the Intercom) try to convince the women that they haven't the power to get back to Earth, which has been destroyed. As Garroway talks them Into focusing their attention on the reactor guages, Devon tries to seize the stun-gun, and, failing that, rips the stabilizer wires from the wall. In the confusion, Devon lets Garroway into the room in time to re-connect the stabilizers and prevent the Pisces from crashing into the ARK.

The now-pacified crew re-docks, and leaving Devon, Rachel and Garth to pursue the ARK's salvation, they fly off in their ship: the only world left in which they have learned to live.


(Airdate: October 13, 1973) Writer: Norman Klenman (Doug Hall included on Invasion tape) Director: Leo Orenstein

Keir Dullea Devon
Gay Rowan Rachel
Robin Ward Garth
Lloyd Bochner Garroway
Carol Lazare Teale
Diana Barrington Janice
William Osler Computer Voice
Ted Beatie Old Man
Lillian Graham Old Woman
June Stacey Younger Woman
Donna Stacey 17-Year-Old Girl
Susan Flemming ---- the technician (???)








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01:01 03:03

Act 1


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15:28 17:30

Act 2


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29:13 31:15

Act 3


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Act 4


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Closing Credits


57:48 58:28

5 Children of Methuselah by Jonah Royston and George Ghent

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!

Devon reports back to Rachel and Garth that he's found the ARK's backup bridge. The trio attempt to enter the restricted computer area, but are temporarily thwarted by an electronic security system.

When they do get through, they are shocked to see a group of children efficiently operating the complex navigational consoles. The youngsters also demorstrate the ability to "think pain" upon others and use this device on Devon and Garth. Rachel and the two men are taken to their commander, a fourteen-year-old boy who immediately orders that the intruders be placed under arrest.

In the holding area, Devon, Rachel and Garth are told that their captors left the Earth with the ARK hundreds of years before, but were injected with a serum which kept their cells regenerating, thus forestalling the aging process indefinitely. Once trained by tutors, they now receive computer data implants during their sleep.

The captain orders that the trio stand trial for II legal entry into the ARK's Alpha Bridge Complex. Devon's attempts to explain the imminent danger of the ARK's collision course are met with derision and laughter.

The captain then takes Devon to the bridge and punches up figures and images to prove that the bridge is not malfunctioning and that the ARK is not about to collide with a star.

Rachel is brought before the captain who tells her he intends to kill the men and keep her as a ward of the dome. She is led off to the "play center" where children electronically stimulate the pleasure centers In their brains. Her efforts to teach them normal games like "blind man's b~ff" are futile at first. They soon catch on, however, are are in the midst of an exciting game when the captain comes In and registers his disapproval. Rachel, meanwhile, has befriended two of the children, who agree to escort her and the men to safety. With the captain's forces in pursuit, the fugitives arrive at the iris. ~ut a work crew has activated the scanners, and the captain, seeing them on his monitor, quickly has them captured.

On the bridge, Devon turns the captain's "think pain" concentration back against him, thus challenging his authority for the first time. When Devon accuses him of being afraid to learn the truth about the function of their command bridge, the consoles and computers suddenly come ailvewith emergency warnings of an impending collision.

The children calmly execute a series of manuvers, thus easily avoiding disaster. But without warning, Devon activates separation of the Alpha Bridge Complex from the ARK. All systems and monitors show them to be plunging aimlessly into space; but a caption at the end of the sequence reveals what Devon had suspected: that this entire operation is nothing more than a training ground -- a giant simulator set up hundreds of years before. Realizing the truth at last, the children joyfully release Devon, Rachel and Garth, who promise to call upon their training when they find the ARK's real back-up bridge.


(Airdate: October 20, 1973)
Writers: Jonah Royston and George Ghent
Director: Joseph L. Scanlon

Keir Dullea Devon
Gay Rowan Rachel
Robin Ward Garth
David Tyreil Captain
Scott Fisher Prosecutor
Susan Stacey "5"
Gina Dick Supervisor
William Ossler Computer Voice and Host









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01:01 03:03

Act 1


03:03 13:00

Commercial Black #2


13:00 15:02

Act 2


15:02 28:15

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28:15 30:17

Act 3


30:17 41:42

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41:42 43:44

Act 4


43:44 56:46

Commercial Black #5


56:46 57:48

Closing Credits


57:48 58:28

6 And Only Man is Vile by Shimon Wincelberg

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!

This episode is set in a lavishly appointed spa In a dome called New Eden Leisure Village. At first it seems completely deserted, but Garth hears someone moaning. He finds a young girl seemingly In a state of shock and attempts to find out what's happened. The girl will not speak. However, Rachel is able to gain her confidence and determines that something horrible °frightened everyone else away, and she was left behind in the confusion. The trio decide to stay and try to solve the mysterious evacuation.

All the while, Devon, Rachel, Garth and the girl are being monitered by Dr. Asgard and Dr. Diana Tabor, who agree that the three strangers are perfect guInea pigs for their experiment in human nature. Asgard contends that humans are self-serving and distrustful, but Dr. Tabor disagrees. By forcing them to deal only wIth raw survival instincts, the experiment is to test the strength of their love and trust.

By this time, the girl has begun to speak. lntr6ducing herself as Lethe, she tells the visitors that it was fear alone that caused the other villagers to flee. When the men go off to find the vanished populace, Lethe gives Rachel a lazer-type hand gun as protection against Devon and Garth. When they return, Rachel hides the gun.. .an action noted with triumph by Dr. Asgard.

Later, while trying to extract information from a control panel, Devon suddenly realizes that he is being watched. He explains to Lethe about the search for the Ark's bridge. She, nevertheless, tries to plant the germ of mistrust In hIm as she has in Rachel. She gives him a gun too, but he refuses it: a minor victory for Dr. Tabor. Lethe's later attempts to hypnotize Garth into distrusting his companions appear to be successful.

While investigating a service corridor, Devon is ambushed and knocked unconscious by a band of villagers. When he revives, he manages to quell their fears about him by pointing out that he has shed real blood - like the rest of them. They run off to assure the others that Devon Is a harmless mortal, but leave him chained as a prisoner.

Meanwhile: Rachel's fruitless attempts at convincIng Garthto find Devon have made her realize that Lethe has tried to drug and hypnotize them Into fear. Lethe confesses her part In the experiment, and allows them to view Devon on a monitor. It looks for the moment as though Devon is betraying his friends to the villagers, and Garth, above Rachel's protests of trickery, believes that Devon is truly his enemy: another victory for Dr. Tabor.

Garth takesoff to hunt Devon, with Rachel trailing sadly behind. Lethe, having accomplIshed her goal, lets Devon in on the experiment, but the villagers are already preparing his execution to prove him mortal. He tries to convince them that their real enemy Is Lethe, and that without trust, they have no hope.

Garth returns to Lethe (of whom he has become enamored) only to discover that, as part of the experiment, she1d been using him, and feels nothing of the affection she'd displayed. In a rage, he rushes to where Devon is about to be executed and offers his own life In exchange for Devon's. The villagers, thus convInced of the visitors' humanity, release Devon.

Bound by stronger friendship than ever, the three leave the biosphere and continue their quest to save the Ark.


(Airdate: October 27, 1973)
Writer: Shimon Wincelberg
Director: Ed Richardson

Simon Oakland ----- Doctor Asgard
Irena Mayeska ------- Doctor Diana Tabot
Trudy Young -------- Lethe
Tim Whelan ---------- village Elder
John Bethune -------- villager 'A'



7 Curcuit of Death - by Norman Kienmann

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!


An electronics engineer, Sakharov, despairing of the slow death which 'he believes in store for all inhabitants of the Ark, bypasses the fail-safe mechanisms in order to activate the Ark's self-destruct system. In doing so, he inadvertently trips the fail-safe alarms, alerting Devon, Rachel and Garth... Sakharov, with his daughter Valarie (who opposes his plan) intends to escape the Ark at the last moment aboard the rocket designed to jettison the Ark's logs and cassette recordings of Earth history prepared, 'for the benefit of other life in the universe. But when the rocket,fa,iIs~to leave, Sakharov, with Devon and Garth's help, undertakes to rewire thef-ali-safe and stop the self-destruct. Since all the mechanisms are in micro circuits, they must be projected miniaturized into the circuits through an astounding electronic procedure. It is a race against time to re-connect the minute circuits before the whole Ark blows.

Circuit of Death
(Airdate: November 10, 1973)
Writer: Norman Klenmen
Director: Peter Levin

Percy Rodrigues ----- Sakharov
Nerene Virgin -------- Valerie
Calvin Butler --------- Cort

(NOTE: Because Oro has bumped it out of seventh place, this was actually the eighth episode to air.)


8 Gallery of Fear - by Alfred Harris (AKA LABORATORY OF FEAR and GALLERY OF TERROR )

In this episode the characters explore the old saying "You got to suffer for your art" in a slightly new way! In one of the service modules of the Ark, Devon, Rachel and Garth come upon a bizarre pop-art museum. of the future where circuit-breakers, plastic cubes and the common incunabulia of the future is preserved in silent, empty grandeur stretching as far as the eye can see. Without warning, "people" begin to appear; but special people -- friends and relatives of Garth and Rachel with whom they enjoy emotional reunions. The final person to appear is a beautiful girl, the "curator," Doris, in whom Devon is instantly attracted. But the girl reveals that all the "people" were recreations Qf Magnus, the most talented and sophisticated computer ever made. Doris assists Devon In his desire to recreate,.through Magnus, the orlgInal~Captain of the Ark in order to learn Its secrets. But the recreation of the captain warns Devon that Doris Is a creation of Magnus, too, and that she is part of Magnus' plan to get himself re-programmed for totally independent existence.

(Airdate: November 17, 1973)
Writer: Alfred Harris and George Ghent
Director: Joseph L. Scanlon

Angel Tompkins ---- Daphne, Magnus' avatar
Allen Stewart-Coates- Magnus
Jim Barron ---------- Garth's father
Aileen Seaton -------- Rachel's mother
William Clune ----- deceased Captain
Danny Hodgkins ---- monster

9 Mr. Smith of Manchester

by Arthur Heinemann

Devon, Rachel, and Garth are lured into a dome where the Inhabitants are trapped -- in a hig'hly indu.striaiized, hell-bent-for-leather society which is choking itself to death on its'own noxio'us effluents; the purification and filtering system of the dome simply cannot keep up with the mad pace these people have set for themselves. The leader of the Liverpudlians is Mr. Smith, an absolute ruler who knows his people would displace him if he took the hard but necessary decision to simplify their life 'style. Smith is finally overthrown and the poliutive machines stilled as our three push onward.

I must admit this is one of my favorite episodes. it probably has the most action of any episode int he series and the plot twists are rather good. The environmental message is quite interesting as well. Can you imagine one person responsible for runing the environment for an entire civilization? Perahps Mr. Smith should have spent some years playing Sim City befor taking control! or at least playing Tropico for a few days!


(Airdate: November 24, 1973)
Writer: Arthur Heineman and Norman Klenman
Director: Ed Richardson

Ed Ames -------- Mr. Smith
Pat Galloway ------- Trent
Doris Petrie -------- Nurse
Pattie Elsasser ------ Secretary
Nina Weintraub ----- Girl
Les Ruby ----------- city man

(NOTE: Although noted as Episode #9, it actually aired tenth in the place of The Alien Oro.) Ooopsie!

10 The Alien Oro - by Mort Forer and Marion Waidman

Rachel, Devon and Garth come to an uninhabited dome where they find Oro (Koenig), an alien from the planet Xar who has been living a Robinson Crusoe style existence on the Ark for several years. Oro,has acquired the services of Ydana as his' girl Friday. Ydana is an inteligent but fickle woman, a wanderer from another dome. She has been helping Oro repair his space ship in the hope that she might find a "paradise" on Xar. By trickery, Oro commnands the services of Devon, Rachel and Garth to aid him in repairing his ship.

(Airdate: November 3, 1973)
Writers: Mort Forer and Marion Waldman
Director: Joseph Scanlon

Walter Koenig ------ Oro
Alexandra Bastedo-- Ydana (Idona, Udonna)

11Astromedics (AKA The Ancient Words also noted as Ancient Woods) - by Paul Schneider

Devon, venturing unknowingly into a quarantine area, is stricken by radiation sickness and is near death when a father-son medical team from a nearby shuttle clinic -- Isolated since the Ark's disaster -- rescue him. They literally bring him back from the dead -- but tell Rachel and Garth that sensitive, sophisticated neuro surgery will be necessary to restore Devon as a reasoning human being. And there is no time or this surgery: the shuttle clinic is about to cast off from the Ark, to answer a distress signal from a nearby planet threatened by a plague. The doctors are persuaded to stay long enough to try the operation -- and while the window for their escape is still open, leave the Ark having restored Devon to life and health.

(Airdate: December 1, 1973)
Writer: Paul Schnieder (Martin Lager and Helen French on the Invasion tape)
Director: George McCowan

Budd Knapp ------- Doctor Martin Trask
Meg Hogarth -------- Doctor Jean Pelletier
Stephen Young ----- Doctor Chris Trask
Bill Kemp ----------- the Captain
Michael Zenon ------- the Commander
David Mann ---------- the Astrogator

12 The Implant People

The trio happen on a dome (after Garths crossbow is stolen) inhabited by people ruled by fear via electronic brain implants. Well thats what they get for sleeping in a dingy hallway! I actually liked this episode. It was very similar in feel to Ms. Smith of Manchester episode with the polution being replaced by mind control. This was a very political story which cried out for huge crowd scenes. The author really thought this production was going to be something special. Quite a shame it did not turn out that way. Of all the episodes of the Starlost this one actualy has the main characters doing things a lot of the time instead of just standing around on the set.

(December 8, 1973)
Writers: John Meredyth Lucas and Alan Spraggett (Martin Lager and Helen French on the Invasion tape)
Director: Joseph L. Scanlon

Donnelly ------Rhodes Roloff
Pat Collins ----------- Serena
Leo Leyden ---------- Brant
Dino Narizzano ----- Domal
Jeff Toner ------------ Jardy

13 The Return of Oro - by Norman Klenman

Oro (Koenig) returns to the Ark to pilot the ship to his home planet of Xar. Granted special Gold Security Clearance and summoned peremptorily to Master ControlD Devon is surprised to find all the Ark systems monitored by mobile robots commanded by Tau Zeta, a "female" holding flag command rank. But the real power is exercised by Oro, (of "The Alien Oro" episode) who has been sent back to the drifting space vessel to seize it as "salvage" for the planet Xar. To our 4rloD however, Oro represents this trip to landfall a~ a generous act to solve the Ark's problems. To get back to their own lives quickly, Rachel and Garth welcome Oro's leadership and support him. But Devon, who learns from the computers that life on Xar, for humans, would be at the level of vegetables, resists. Oro challenges Devon to a "debate to the death," to be scored objectively by the computers on a game-show type of scoreboard. Though Oro is a superior being, Devon defeats him because the computers, built by humans with human bias, favor his deep commlttment to save the Ark.

(Airdate: December 15, 1973)
Writer: Norman Klenman (Alex C. James on compilation tape.)
Director: Francis Chapman

Walter Koenig ----- Oro
Unknown ------------ Williams
Pat Moffatt ------ ---- voice of Tau Zeta
Phillip Stephens ---- operator of Tau Zeta
Jim Barron ---------- computer voices
This episode had an intersting robot that looked like a giant Avon bottle of bubblebath. I think it may have been a promotional display from the Avon company but I might be wrong on this.

14 Farthing's Comet There was one episode about scientists who were studying a comet what was posing a danger to the ark. Why bother when the ark was going to be destroyed anyhow? A long (realy long....) space walk was involved in this episode. This was Mystery Science Theater material! Can you say 'rock climbing'? A really really really long space walk! I do not have this episode. It was on a tape which was accidentally erased. It is currently the only episode I am missing.

(Airdate: December 22, 1973)
Writer: Norman Klenman (Doug Hall included on Invasion tape)
Director: Ed Richardson

Edward Andress ----- Professor Linus Farthing
Linda Sorenson ------ McBride
Alan Stewart-Coates - Computer Voice

15 The Beehive (aka the Bees)

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!

Rachel, Garth and Devon are traped insode a giant food production center for the ark. It is a giant behive where some sonic experiments are casuing the natives to BEEcome restless.

This episode featured more than the usual amout of special effects and this rather nice miniature dome interior, shown here with bees attacking the building, I think that by the end of the series some poeple on the show were putting a little extra effort into it. Quite a shame that the series ended as abruptly as it did.

From the author of the script:

Hi. Congratulations, on a wonderful, wise, (almost) complete, and superbly arranged home page for Starlost cultists. I write because, being Norman Klenman, I must have been head writer and writer of several episodes on that series.At least, I think so, since this is 2098 AD and that was written back in 1973 AD...I think.

Actually, I wrote #15, The Bees, directed superbly by the late George McCowan of Toronto. We knew the series was cancelled as I was working on this last (an original) episode. So just for fun I asked George a favour. I had written a General Motors Playhouse Hr drama for early CBCTV starring George, knew him in LA, and he directed several of my scripts for 20th Fox series when I lived in LA. The favour I asked went something like this:

George, I have been writing for years, and no matter what, the scripts get hosed around for lots of reasons, sometimes things don't work, there are timing screwups, you name it. This time I have written the script of The Bees in one sitting, lasting all of one Saturday, right onto the finished paper, without a change or a retyping. It is 52 1/2 page long, and if you shoot it exactly as I wrote it, not a single change of any kind, it will come out exactly the right length to allow for commercial breaks.

Sure, George said. He was that kind of guy. And was as good as his word. He never changed a dot or comma, or cut or changed a line; shot it as written. It came out the exact time almost to the second. And althoug I guess it was kind of a silly idea, it worked perfectly. They knew the series was fini, so when I finished #15, we had a Marty Lager piece in the works, and CFTO asked me politely if I would mind being fired a week earlier than my contract called for (I was to story edit/rewrite/ etc., the whole 16 episodes). I said, sure thing, can't wait to get hom to LA to my wife and kids (even tho originally we were from Toronto)...But the series has had a superb cult life, and had the technology been more advanced, that series may be running today!

Norman Klenman

(Airdate: December 29, 1973)
Director: Bill Davis

William Hutt -------- Pete
Antoinette Bower Heather
Alan McRae ------- Callisher
Joh Friesen --------- Keebie (Keeble?)

16 Space Precinct

This episode is not included in the edited movie package!

Garth plays detective when some visiting space cops stop by. Rachel and Devon go on a 'life threatening' repair mission. This episode ends rather abruptly. From what I have gathered this episode was shown last but taped earlier. I watched this episode again recetnly and found my slef wanting to scream at Garth at least once to ask the Intra-Ark Police for help in fixing the ark. During the entire show this never once crosses Garth's mind. This was the last episode of the series. As far as starlost shows went this showed that the actors were getting a little better.
Strangely enough there is a blooper at the end of this episode's credits the operator faded to black then faded back up again on the miniature of the ark. I guess someone forgot to press the stop button on the VCR that day!

(Episode #16)
(Airdate: January 5, 1974)
Writer: Martin Lager
Director: Joseph L. Scanlan

Ivor Barry .---------- The Chief
Nuala Fitzgerald ----- Reena
Richard Alden -------- Mike
Diane Dewey --------- the Technician

Unfinished Episodes?
The following shows were mostly likely never produced. This is hard to say as the witers guide tacked on as a sales pitch mentions "24 one hour episodes in color". these may have been in production when the plug was pulled, but I have it on good word that there were only 16 episodes completed. Any informaiton would be most welcomed. Send
e-mail me. If any of your out there might have scripts for these shows I would be most interested to read them.

?? God That Died - by JohnMeredyth Lucas, from a story by Alan Spraggett.

Our trio, caught by a tidal flood from a burst water pipe In the tube cooling system, escape into an Idyllic green world where the inhabitants live under the gentle patrimony of a supreme being they call the Giver. But Devon, visiting the mountain top where the Giver holds forth, discovers not a god but a sentient being in different form -- a vaporous luminescent mass of ions which has ordered and directed the life of "his" people for centuries. Garth and Devon, attempting to convince the people of this, are accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death. They are saved at the last moment by Rachel, who has interceded with the Giver on their behalf. The Giver saves them with his last burst of energy (he has been growing weaker for years) and dies -- thus freeing the people to live and grow on their own.

Another Description

(Episode description: The trio discover a beautiful green world with a population ruled by a 'god' that lives on a mountain top. Devon, after visiting the mountain top, finds not a god but a strange, and dying, alien life form seemingly made up of vaors. Devon and his companions try to convince the population that they should be free of the aliens tyrannical rule but they instead condemn the three to death for blasphemy.

?? People of the Dark - by George Salverson

Devon, Rachel and Garth discover a dome In which people have been living literally in the dark since the accident to the Ark. They are afraid of light and it can be used as a weapon against them. Their society, without the resources of books or writing, has become a lawless state. Devon, Rachel and Garth are held by Prokto, a "I lghtmaker," considered a revolutionary. He is an inventive character who has secretly rediscovered "light" and has taught his beautiful teenage daughter to "see."

Another Description:

(Episode description: The trio find a biosphere that has had no source of light since the Arks accident. The people are afraid of light and that it could be used as a weapon against them. The society is totally lawless, but Prokto, considered a revolutionary, has rediscovered light and holds Devon, Rachel and Garth hostages.)


At least ten of these episodes were combined into two hour TV movies which were distributed to American stations in the mid 1980's. Special thanks to
Scott Dimora for movie listing!

  • The Beginning (95min) - Voyage of Discovery - The Goddess Calabra
  • The Invasion (115min) - Astromedics - The Implant People
  • The Alien Oro - The Alien Oro - The Return of Oro
  • Deception - Mr. Smith of Manchester - Gallery of Fear
  • The Return - The Pisces - Farthing's Comet

Starlost Movies Now On Video!!  

The five movie versions are now avaliable through http://www.amazon.com ! They cost about $12 each. I think they are still there. also look for them on http://www.ebay.com


The Starlost is one of the TV series covered in the new book, SCIENCE FICTION TELEVISION SERIES.

Canadian authors Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia spent 5 years researching this mammoth reference book which exhaustively covers the histories of 62 science fiction TV series produced between 1959-1989. You'll find such series as Lost in Space, The New People, The Immortal, V, Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers. Every series also has full episode guides and "Whatever became of..." sections for all cast members. There's also a Unsold Pilots section, a huge index and 120 photos.

The 300 exclusive interviews include chats with Jonathan Frakes, Scott Bakula, Roy Thinnes, David Hedison, Lee Meriwether, Ray Bradbury, Lynda Mason Green, Gregory Harrison, Thom Christopher, Robert Hays and John Colicos.

For The Starlost fan, the chapter gives the Canadian writers a chance to present their side of the show. There are full interviews with producer William Davidson, story editor Norman Klenman, director Ed Richardson and star Robin Ward. On the American side, Ben Bova is represented.

The huge book is 78 dollars American, but it's meticulous research makes it a reference source that you'll constantly refer too for facts and information.

The book is available from McFarland publishers.
Mail orders: 1 - 800 - 253 - 2187. Address: Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640

"Every series is detailed with full chapters, interviews with over 300 writers, directors and actors - and in the Starlost chapter, I presented the "Canadian" side of The Starlost's production: producer William Davidson, story editor Norman Klenman, director Ed Richardson, series star Robin Ward and guest star John Colicos. However, Ben Bova, The Starlost science advisor, weighs in from the U.S. with his unhappy memories of working on the series.

The chapter also includes information from rare memos issued at the time: When a Tom Jones special preempted a Starlost episode, 150 angry viewers called in to protest...only one viewer called in to praise the Tom Jones special.

And several stars, including Richard Basehart, William Shatner and Gordon Pinsent, were ready to make appearances on STARLOST had it continued. Many Canadian TV columnists felt that Starlost was the best SF TV show ever made at the time."


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Production Credits:

Executive Producers: Douglas Trumbull and Jerry Zeitman

Visual Effects: Douglas Trumbull

Producer: William Davidson

Creator: Cordwainer Bird (Harlan Ellison)

Story Consultant: Norman Klenman

Production Designer: Jack McAdam

Technical Advisor: Ben Bova

Music: Score Productions

Art Direction: John Roberts

Special Effects: Wally Gentleman

Costumes: Shirley Mann

Casting: Karren Hazzard Ltd.

Make up: Carol Davidson

Properties: Bob Bowkett


Technical Director: Maurie Jackson

Lighting: Peter Edwards

Art Director: Gordon White

Audio: Doug Draw

Video: Percy Brinkworth

Unit Manager: Barry Diehl

Model construction: Bob Colqhoun, Gordon Lowe, Mereline Thompson, Lissa Calvert, Lou Margolis, Philip Stephens.


Post Production Supervisor: Doug McCormic

VTR Editor: Gordon Stoddard

Assistant to the Editor: Tony Malone

Re-Recording: Wally Harris

Sound Editor: Seth Krugliak

Graphic Design: In the sunrise


Associate Producer: Susan Cook Kline

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X-Originating-IP: []

From: Mcadamassociates@aol.com

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 02:05:49 EST






I came upon the Starlost website the other evening and couldn't believe what

has been collected over the years from that old series. It's really quite



I was the Production Designer on the series and I recall meeting Kevin Atkins

briefly when he first came to the studios at CFTO in Toronto. I was

responsible for the overall design of the full scale settings, miniatures, blue

screens, fly rigs, special props and all the models from alien crafts to landscape



I first met Doug Trumbull just after he had completed his film "Silent

Running" in Hollywood. I had just finished the production designs for "The Neptune

Factor." This was a 20th Century Fox film shot in 70 mm. with many underwater

miniature sets. I spent time with Harlan Ellison and Doug in Los Angles while

we worked out the look and the style for the series. When we returned to

Toronto I created a model shop, interviewed and hired a great group of people. We

only had eight weeks, as I recall, to design and build the miniatures to match

the full scale sets for many of our blue screen effects. The special camera

dollies and custom lenses that Doug developed was really the bases for the

series and I believe such hardware made it the most unique series in television at

that time. It's just too bad that we had to deal with the CFTO studios and

the CTV Network. Their producers had no idea of what we were trying to

accomplish and they were incapable of promoting the show. Their daily interference made

it impossible.


It's so ironic. Here it is many years later and I'm still working with Domes.

Specifically the Monolithic Dome. This is a special construction that I have

incorporated in my designs for studio sound stages for film and television.

I've just completed a film theatre with a motion-control system in Aqaba on the

Red Sea in Jordan. And next week I fly to India to present my Domed studio

concepts to the Sahara Group in Calcutta. They have 500 acres and want to create

a "film city." You can get some idea of these designs if you look up:

MonolithicDomes.com and type in my name in the search box. Or type in "Stardome

Studios," either one will take you to my site.


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that's it's great to see so many

of the models and stories pulled together after so many years. Keep up the

great work.


Best regards,


Jack McAdam