Welcome to Virtual Vikki Seal of Approval Page

The Virtual Vikki seal of approval was created in response to a problem. That was that no one would let the Treehouse display thier 'seal things' on this page, in response, The Virtual Vikki Seal of Approval was created.

In order to win Vikki's seal of I have to visit your site and like some portion of it. It also has to have 'family based moral standards' etc.. To get me to take a look at your site send
e-mail me. When and if you recieve approval you can download the seal from this page and attach it to your web page. A link must be included back to the index page of Virtual Vikki's Treehouse. When you recieve approval this link will be included in the confirmation e-mail message. You can currently have your choice between the animated .gif on the left (70k aprox) and the static .gif (28k aprox) on the right. Please do not use the seal without my permission or I might have to nip at your heels! Grrr!

Animated .gif sealStatic.gif seal

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