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Sold Out new CD under development!

Virtual Vikki: Beta Tested in the U.S.A.

The third Virtual Vikki CD-ROM

This newest release features over 600mb of pictures, movies, surface maps, along with previously unreleased pictures and pre-production test pictures. (Due to graphic compression and the elimination of 3-D models the PC version is contains over 500mb of VV stuff) More than twice the amount of Vikki stuff as found on the previous VV CD's. Still no music tracks...

The back of the CDAs with the other CD's there will only be a limited number of copies made. The number of copies is hard to say as some will be allotted to the PC version of the CD. If you have a preference for a specific # let me know. Order yours today and get a low number. All CD's are numbered.

Mac Version $30.00 postpaid Sold Out

Requirements: Color Mac, 2x CD, A web browser with Quick Time plug in installed, 16 or 24 bit color recommended, Quick Time 3.0 or higher recommended.

PC Version $32.00 postpaid Sold Out

Requirements: a fast 486 (pentium recommended), 4x CD, 24mb ram, A web browser with Quick Time plug in installed, 16 or 24 bit color recommended.

Macintosh screenshotBoth Mac and PC versions feature a web based interface and the "Tragical History Tour" with the voice of Tami Arens as Virtual Vikki, a ultimate side show directory wtih he best of Vikki pictures are kept in uncompressed format (Mac Pict on the Mac and TIFF on the PC) and a directory of Quick Time movies. The Mac version also features a section of 3-D models from Bryce 2 and other Mac 3-D programs as well as System 7 sound files to add Vikki's personality to your computer. The PC version has these sound files in .AU format. The Mac version is 6400mb and the PC version is over 500mb! Of course the Mac version is filled with loads of Mac specific goodies!

For more information and to get on the VV CD mailing just drop the Digi-Voop an e-mail !

The First Virtual Vikki KiSS Set!

After fiddling on this project for quite a while I am pleased to announce the first Virtual Vikki KiSS set. KiSS stands for something or the other (no, its not Knights in Satan's Service!) but I forget what. What it is is a format for exchanging electronic paper dolls. Some of you may recall that there was about 6mb of KiSS clothing art on the first Virtual Vikki CD-ROM. Well I finally got around to trying this process of turning the art into a KiSS set and it did not work very well. I eventually enlisted the aid of another of my #Furry friends, Raymond M. Burke to do the programing part of creating this first Virtual Vikki KiSS set.

You need a special viewer program for this (I am not aware of any KISS plugins) and many of them will work just fine. On my Mac I use a program called FrenchKISS. You can try looking for KiSS viewing programs at Otaku World's French KiSS page.

Once you have got your viewer you will need to download the VV KiSS set.

Download "VIKKI3B.LZH" The first VV KiSS set.


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