Sometime after Star Wars came out Kenner released this neeto series of toys called Megabugs. The overall design of these toys were battle craft designed like insects. Gee I wonder where LEXX got that idea from? Hmmm.... There were two smaller toys The Dragonfly (which I still have) and the Scorpion. The Spider was a much larger toy and I recall was a bit out of my price range.

The Dragonfly had a lot of neeto features. First it had a little wheel on the top which when moved would make a clicking sound. It had a lever on the top which would release a bright green bomb from the bottom of the dragonfly. It also had a which on the front which you could lower or raise with the round blue balls on the front of the dragonfly. The wings were posable and rotatable. the feet were suction cups and you could stick the toy on a glass door or a mirror.

This picture was form the back of the Dragonfly box and shows the toys battling it out!

I do not have a good picture of the spider, but it was far larger than the other toys. if you have one of these toys please drop me a not or send any pictures or scans of the boxes to