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Its not the Land of the Lost, but There is a very cool place! Come visit for 14 days free!

You got to check out Razor Kane's Sleestack Dance tune at http://WWW.DELINQUENT.COM/ It is by far the most interesting Land of the Lost development in several years. A rocking musical numer all about or favorite scaley green enemies! Currently this song in on the Delinquent Records sampler CD "Indie-Pendence Day" Order two copies and give one to a freind! It is a way cool tune! I do not have a picture of the CD as it was mostly black and did not scan well.

Razor Kane was not the first group to do a song about the Land of the Lost! In 1986 a rock band from Seattle called the Wipers put out a tape called Land Of The Lost in which the first cut was caled Land Of The Lost. The cover also featured a really odd swamp made out of raised platforms, or they could be sidewalks. It is really hard to tell on the cassette.

Wha Chang (an effect superviosor on the show) at a convention in the early 80's related how he was asked to create a puppet head for the dinosaur Dopey so that the actors 'would have something to relate to besides an empty blue screen". He made the puppet out of a block of foam rummer and covered it with latex and then it was painted to look like Dopey. He was rather upset when it turned up in the episodes as it was only inteded to be used off camera to help the actors. Television is such a funny business!
In one episode of the A-Team George Perpard's character jumped out of a helecopter into a pool of a criminal while wearing a Sleestak costume!

There were very few toys tie-ins with this show. To the right is shown the Land of the Lost pinball game. there was a rather nice board game. Actually the bord game is the exact same rules and board (except for different pictures) as the original Lost in Space board game. (the 2-D game not the 3-D Remco one). I was rather surprised by this when a freind of mine who had just bought this Lost In Space game and when we compared the two there was almost no difference. I have a compas, still carded, which is called "Land of the Lost Direction Finder" which I think is sort of an oxymoron. Oh well. there was alos a brass belt buckle and a talking viewmaster reel from the third season. I understand that there was also a non-talking one form the first or second season but I have never seen it.

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The New Land Of The Lost

I really was excited when i hear that Land of the Lost was going to be brought back. i was rather dissapointed by most of the first season shows though. the second season, overall, was much better than the first. The mystery of Christa's past was interesting and I liked the 'sea monkey' like character which appeared in a few episodes. Alos they stoped treating dad like such a total idiot, and Kevin wasn't so annoying as he was in the early first season episodes.

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