Older Lego's Run Stuff in no perticular order.

To gather more support for the project I designed a front for this button with a blinking light. Even in daylight it appeared that the lego figure had a blinking lifeclock. I word it to a few science fiction conventions. It started a lot of conversations. While I did get some offers for old technology equipment, I did not get any lego out of it.

Update 2-15-02

I want you all to know that i have been fiddling off and on with this project. The picture to the left looks a bit odd because of the angle of the lens of the camera which makes this test model of Doc's operating machine look a bit too large. It also looks large as it does not have the round bit in the middle added in yet.

If you have any hair you can spare lego bits please contact me!


Another costume test picture 11-19-01