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Today i finished the Carousel set (except for some railings and the steps on the stairs which will be added tomorrow) and took a few picutres of it. i think it came out allright. In order to fit int he avaliable space I had to limit it to four sets of stairs and four tiers. Overall i think it looks about right for lego figures.

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Rem TV figure
Rem TV figure open
Red figure 6-23-02
Red figure 6-24-02
Red figure 6-24-02
Circuit Dress 6-25-02
The Rem figure above was created using photographs form the episodes Futurepast and Stargate.
The red woman above is actually based on the TV costume Angela Cartwright wore in the episode The Collectors.
The red woman above is the 'Blinking Woman" cut from the movie.
A combination of the red who bumps into Francis and the Prince Valiant/Balding Red Guy
More soon!
Carousel Participant

Click picture for a large version!

Update 7-4-02 Construction on the first set Carousel is almost complete! I just have to finish the stairs off. i changed the base plate of the carousel to be a grey. It is hard to get good pictures with the digital camera due to the bright flash which it has. Shooting with a videocamera should be a lot easier. The set was built in two sections so that half could be removes to get required camera angles. the biggest problem with Lego figures is the size. Having a camera four times the height of the person you are filming is a bit of a problem. The near side of the set snaps into place when it is required for filming. The three entrances and three sets of stairs are located in the static side of the set. The finished set is about three feet wide and about three feet deep and stands, with figures, to almost a foot in height! Truly a massive set for Lego to run on. Now to make some more costumes for the green and red figures. I think there are just about enough figures to populate this set correctly!

Update 7-1-02 Completed work on the botton part of the Carousel. It now rotates and the side panels can be raised. Due to the angle limitations there will probably be a second base created for the participants to enter on with ramps at the correct angle. I finished painting the last of the Lastday hoods today. I am now starting to work on the cubs. Unfortunately i have to do stuff with windows and screens today an dprobaly will not start on the upper part of the Carousel until tomorrow morning at the earlierst. I have run out of extra right red arms. I am thinking about designing a few more red costumes which use right yellow arms. i added a new picture near the top of this page. I wonder if I should make the movie in letterbox?

I am going to have a Lego drive! For four pounds of Lego donated to the project you will recieve a Lego's Run T-shirt. These shirts will be very special and not sold in any way. However they will be distributed to anyone who sends in at least 3lbs of Lego (Lego boxes do not count nor do other types of blocks) i will make an announcement when the t-shirt design is ready and have made one example.

Update 6-27-02 Completed work on the Carousel participants today. I think they came out fairly nice. Some of them still have the wrong red arms and I have to make sure I get the gloves on and off at the wrong times ; )

Update 6-20-02 Currently I am starting to assemble the large cast. Shown here are the future Sandmen, a group of reds, and a few overflow green people. not shown are the yellow and blue people (yes, I have decided to include blue people in my version) and the cubs. the two grey figures will be the stickmen. Also visible are various carousel participants in various stages of construction. In the front are the cowled flying participants (cowls will be painted white (I am using farmer hats) ) and beneath them a skull face. In the very back are some ghosts which will represent the completely robed Carousel participant. I found a great place to buy Lego parts online. Blick Link is a sort of e-bay shops like center which only sells Lego sets and parts! Amazing. the other day int he mail a boackage arrived with 130 pieces of lego hair! Now I have enough to create my cast!

Update 6-21-02 The ghost shells arrived today. Another Brick Link order. I now have enough to pull off the scene, but a few more will round out the number of shosts representing the Carousel participants in their large robes as they enter the Carousel. I am quite pleased who things are starting to shape up. At this rate i sould hav emost of the figures assembles in the next week or so. I still have a lot of costumes to design. I will be making 6-7 outfits for each color of figures. I have decided to also use blue as a lifestage as described in the book. The main reason for this decision was the overabundance of blue figures lying around. that and I really do not have as many yellow figures as I thought I did. I do like they way they looks standing round the funky red crystal thing. I wish i could get transparent red angle blocks to make the crystal transparent so I could light it from beneath. I have decided the first set I will make will be the Carousel set.

I ran out of space. I have discovered that these extras can be stacked up like cordwood when not in use! best of all they are non-union and I don't have to pay them anything. Fortunately for me they have not thought to organize their own labor union!

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