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Did you know we moved?  I am so far behind I forgot to tell everyone that Virtual Vikki got her own domain  name... about six years ago!


When I started this site back in 1994, the web was a much more 'wild west' sort of place than it is today.  Over the past decade I have not had time to maintain or update this site. The information on it's pages has grown old, and fansites in general have been frowned upon more and more. Some pages have been removed. Others will soon be removed as well.  It was a big decision to remove some of the pages. Logan's Run has been one of my passions over the years, but I want to concentrate in the future on content I create, rather than what others created in the far distant past.  Upon visiting my site I discovered that 99% of links are now dead.  This was a big problem, even when I was updating the site. No one ever seems to have the staying power to keep thier content in place more than a few months. Quite a problem for a website that is fast approaching it's 20th birthday. I was very tempted to take the whole site down and just start all over.  Not to mention that most of the fan pages were not being visited at all. I guess this is to be expected. Many of the people interested in the content on these pages are rapidly approaching  the age where they are... dying off.  

More than 20 pages have been removed.  I think I got redirect pages up in place on many of those, to bring you back here.

Pages which will be staying include:
Captain Cosmic  as Bob Wilkins contributed quite a lot to it's construction before his untimely passing.
Toy related pages as most of the content was contributed by others and the Thingmaker page still gets occasional visits. 
Virtual Vikki art pages. I know there are some broken images on there...
Some Starlost pages may be staying, but more content may be removed.
The New People - I just don't have the hear to take this down.
Review pages talking about books and products.
I want to keep the Logan's Run fandom pages, but most of the other Logan pages will be removed shortly. I may keep the TV and Movie information pages around, as I never did work out who Prince Valiant was!  But all the photo pages, video and audio files, and quite a bit more will be coming down soon.

Last modified 10-2012

Updated 1-1-05 My Life In There has Miracle Pictures updated all movie links..

Updated 7-26-04 Doctor Who (NA) 2 more books described.

Updated 3-8-03 3-D fan art grabs added to Starlost Prop Page!

New 2-9-03
My Sims Family Page opens

NEW 12-15-02 Professor Bernice Summerfield book and CD page starts up!

Updated 8-1-02 Virtual Vikki is Watching The Tribe!

Updated 6-27-02 Lego's Run has a few nre pictures this week. New minifigures added!

NEW 3-19-02 Read the fascinating interview with Lukas Kendall of Film Score Monthly Magazine on how this fascinating Logan's Run soundtrack CD got made!

Updated 11-12-01 The first publicity picture from Lego's Run

NEW 12-29-2000 VV's Favorite Books!

The Vikki-Cam allows you to watch Vikki! Now you can see what Vikki is doing at her computer. Keep a close eye out for Disky!

Virtual Vikki has been Re-Booted!

Even though Vikki passed on from this world back in December sightings of her have continued until April 12 when she re-emerged into the public light once again.

It is hard to keep a good Digi-Voop down for long. Especially when there was a secret backup copy of Vikki's data stashed away. Read all about it at the end of Disky's D-Files.

Virtual Vikki's Funeral

Even though Vikki is now alive again her funeral was a tribute to those who know and care for her. Vikki invites you share in the memories of an event which she hersef was not able to attend.

Check out Vikki's Signpost of awards and seals.

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