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The Fighting Men

This box picture comes courtesy of Richard Miller. This was an army set which made a 'fighting Man. I had this toy as a child and recall it was great. You bent a little wire and stuck it in the front half of the mold. Then you took some goop in for the face. Then you attached the other half of the mold and clamped it shut. Then you forced in the olive drab goop and filled the mold until it leaked out through the feet and holes on the back of the mold.. When it was cooked you hand a bendable army man with both a front and a back! This was assuming that you did not cook the guy for to long. The set came with patterns to make cardboard vehicles that you would put molded jerry cans, vents and such on. Also made machine guns, a belt with attachable canteen, grenades and knife and such, guns and even a flamethrower with napalm backpack. The box made the figure look a lot like a certain Hasbro action figure! This toy was pulled due to parents and the anti-war movement. As a result Mattel had a stockpile of olive drab goop which they did not run out of for years. To show you how the two piece mold worked, here is a page from the instruction manual.

To aid collector below is a picture of all the molds in the set. Much of the set was comprised of cardboard cutouts and the like.. If you have any information about this set please
e-mail me. This set also contained cardboard jeeps and the like. I have been told that it also had templates for cutting out more vehicles. I currently have one extra Fighting Man two piece mold which I would be willing to trade for other Thingmaker items I am missing.

Note that the first two molds in this set are the front and the back of the army man and the remaining molds made accessories like bazookas and such.

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