Bernice Summerfield (Aka Benny)

Adventures in Print and Audio Adventures

Collecting these is an archaelogical quest in and of itself! Some of these books were just pain hard to find! At first Virgin publishing (having lost the rights to make Doctor Who books continued making books about Bernice. Then later (I guess sales dropped off) they cancled the series. It went into limbo for a while and then re-emerged as a series of audio adventures on Tape and CD and then later only on CD. Most of the first bunch were just re-hashings of slightly changed versions of the previously problished books, but later they became far mosre creative and had a variety of new stories to tell. Big Finish branched out into publishing as well and has made quite a few Bernice books of theri own. The latest one I got was a nice hard bound book with a nice slipcover too! I an now working on finishing the Virgin section. Should be up in a few months.

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Virgin New Adventures Books

Oh No It Isn't!

By Paul Cornell (Love and War, Timewyrm: Revelation, No Future, Happy Endings)

Benny is setteling into her new job as a professor on the planet of Dellah. She wants to put her failed marrige behind her. So much for her Happy Ending! I think this first books is intended to be a pantomine (or so it says on the back of the book).
Stars: ?

Ship of Fools

By David Stone (Sky Pirates, Death and Diplomacy)

Benny gets to take a glactic cruise and an unlimited expense account. Unfortunatley the passangers are dropping like flies.
Stars: ?

Dragons' Wrath

By Justin Richards (co-edited Decalog 4)

Warlords and jewl encrusted statues confound Benny on a new expedition.
Stars: ?

Big Finnish Books

Released September 2000

Released November 2000

The first Bernice book to be released as a hardbound book with a slipcover.

Includes stories by Paul Cornell and Terrance Dicks!

Audio Adventures Season 1

1.1 Oh No It Isn't 1998
Adaped from the New Adventure book by Paul Cornell (Creator of Bernice) and adapted by Jac Rayner. Double CD (Color Cyan)
guest star: Nick Courtney
The track titles on this CD are very very ammusing!

"CD 1 track 6 The king's balls keep getting bigger every year!"

1.2 Beyond the Sun 1998
Adaped from the New Adventure book by Matt Jones Double CD (Color Purple)
guest stars: Sophie Aldred and Anneke Wills


1.3 Walking to Babylon 1999
Adaped from the Doctor Who book by Kate Orman Double CD (Color Bright Pink)
guest stars: Elizabeth Sladen

Includes a bonus interview track with Lisa Bowerman and Stephen Fewell (Who plays Jason Kane)

"Part 1 of the timering trilogy"

1.4 Birthright 1999
Adaped from the Doctor Who book by Double CD
guest stars: Colin Baker
Series gains a large Professor Bernice Summerfield logo at the top on this CD.

"Part 2 of the timering trilogy"

1.5 Just War 1999
Adaped from the Doctor Who book by Lance Parkin Double CD
guest stars: Well no one, actually

Mono colored CD's were replaced with halftoned images starting with this CD

"Part 3 of the timering trilogy"
Released August 1999

1.6 Dragon's Wrath 2000
Adaped from the book by Single CD
guest stars: Richard Franklin (I wish he would do some of the other Doctor Who adventures too!
Suddently the nice double CD's vanish in favor of these 65-70 minute stories.


Release Date: September 2000 / Recorded: 7 September 1999

Burried Treasures
This collectable was sent to people who bought all three of the Time Ring Trilogy CD's
It contains 2 short Bernice stories
Making Myths by Jac Rayner
Closure by Paul Cornell
It also features an extended
interview with Paul Cornell as well as selected music from the first season and the New Adventures theme from the first season. One of the stories has the character of Keri the Pakhar in it as played by Sarah Mott!
Single CD (Color Black no halftoned image) This title was most likely released before Dragon's Wrath, but since it has no number and no release date I am including it at the end of the first season.

Doctor Who #13 Shadow of the Scourge
Written by Paul Cornell

Release Date: October 2000 / Recorded: 29/30 July 2000
This came as a surprise to me as I was collecting Doctor Who audio adventures. A 7th doctor story with Ace and Benny! i could not believe it at first. They story was intereting as well. Doctor Who uncovers evil at a knitting convention. Pertty well written but the evil nasties do tend to talk quite a bit. Other than that a very good romp! Nice to see all three of these great characters toegther!

Keep in mind that since I ahve not read all of the New Adventures books I have not actually heard andy of these CD's I have been collecting.

Audio Adventures Season 2

2.1 The Secret of Cassandra 2000
Original story by David Bailey Single CD 70 minutes
Original cover shown to left. New cover shown to right.

This one was later re-issued with new cover art to make it match the rest of the second series.
The series gets it's own theme song "Adventure Is My Game" with this CD.


2.2 The Stone's Lament 2001
Original story by Mike Tucker Single CD 70 minutes
guest stars:
Adrian Salmon starts designing the covers with this CD (later he re-designed the cover for 2.1)


2.3 The Extenction Event 2001
Oringal story By Lance Parkin (Just War) single CD 65 minutes
guest star:Miles Richardson as Irving Braxtel

2.4 The Sky Mines Of Karthos 2001
Original story by David Bailey Single CD 65 minutes
guest star:Miles Richardson as Irving Braxtel


Unnumbered Plague Heards of Excelis
This CD was the final segment in the Doctor Who Excelis series.

Audio Adventures Season 3

3.1 The Greatest Shop In The Galaxy 2002

Original story by Paul Ebbs Simgle CD 60 minutes


3.2 Green Eyed Monsters 2002

Original story by Dave Stone Simgle CD 70 minutes


3.3 The Dance of the Dead 2002

Original story by Stephen Cole Simgle CD minutes


3.4 The Mirror Effect January 2003



No picture

4.1 The Bellotron Incident March 2003

Written by Mike Tucker

No picture

4.2 The Grel Escape July 2003

Written by Jacqueline Rayner

No picture

4.3 Untitled October 2003

Written by David Bailey

No picture

4.4 ?

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