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The New People was a very very short lived ABC television series which aired from September 22, 1969 to January 12, 1970 and almost nobody remembers. The New People was an Aaron Spelling production about a band of young college students who, on their way home from a goodwill tour to South East Asia, crashed on a deserted South Pacific island named Bomao. The island had previously been used by the Atomic Energy Commission as a bomb test site, and so was complete with buildings, cars, provisions, and test-dummy mannequins. I became interested when researching Rod Serling. Evidently he was involved with the show in some way. However only one or two books on Rod even mention this contribution to this show, and they did so in a one or two sentence passages. None of the documentaries about him mention much about this period in his life. Still it was enough to get me interested. While at a flea market in the 1980's I spotted a novelization and picked it up for a dime. I lost this book for a few years and have only recently dug it up out of my basement. Even more amazing is that I ended up with a fairly good copy of the pilot show on videotape. As soon as I get the chance I will put some better frame grabs of the different characters online.

The new people featured a cast of young actors. Some of which were of the "old school" of teenagers who were pushing 30, but the heart of youth was still there. The pilot did have two old people in, but one left and the other died at the end of the pilot. These are the only pictures I have of the actors and actresses from the series. As time goes by I hope to include more information.

David Moses as Gene Washington.

David was a bitter and hostile man. He is unwilling to believe in the promise of a better world.

Peter Ratray as George Porter

George was a former Marine who killed without question, now he is a man who hates killing.

Tiffany Bolling as Susan Bradley

As the daughter of a senator she insists that the U.S. government is all that it says it is. She is shown here from the pilot with 'crash' makeup on her face.

Zooey Hallo plays Robert Lee

Robert is trying to escape from the guilts of his youth growing up in the deep south.

Finding pictures form this show is almost impossible. Here is a color photo from a poster sent out by ABC. The top of the poster was blank for stations to print thier name and chanel number. Click on the picture on the left for a large version. if I can get some more pictures together I can start a gallery like the ones found on the Logan's Run and Quark pages. I can't remeber what A.E. stood for now.

Episode Guide

I found another web page with information about the various episodes, but after reading their description of the pilot and seeing the pilot I do not think the information to be all that accurate. It turned out to be for some sort of Sherwood Schwartz sitcom with the same name.. Oh well! Anyhow here is a corrected episode guide.

The episodes were 45 minutes in length. It was on Monday nights on ABC, from 7:15 to 8:00 pm and was followed by another 45 minute program called Music Scene, which was hosted by David Steinberg. Since it had such an odd format it was never syndicated.

1. The New People. Stranded on the island of Bomano after their plane crash-lands, the college students explore their new surroundings and try to signal rescue planes from the island. Guest Star: Richard Kiley. This pilot episode ended with scenes form upcoming episodes including The Tin God. I have this episode on Tape. I am not awayre of any other existing episodes.

2. Panic in the Sand. A devastating illness threatens the students until a bio-chemist comes up with a formula that may cure or kill. Guest Star: Richard Dreyfus.

3. The Tin God. Bob Lee builds a dune buggy, but his reckless driving of the vehicle endangers people's lives.

4. Murderer. One of the students is put on trial for killing another student but while many islanders are convinced of his guilt, evidence is lacking. Guest Star: Carl Reindel.

5. Comes the Revolution, We Use the Girls Shower. Stanley leads the men against the bossy women until he falls in love with a black woman.

6. Lifeline. Some of the students, unable to accept being marooned forever on Bomano, build a huge life-raft to escape. Meanwhile, George, with the help of Christine, uses his Marine skills to build his own seaworthy boat. Guest Star: Brenda Scott.

7. Marriage, Bomano Style. Cara is victimized by her own guilt when she becomes pregnant with the island's first baby. Guest Star: Kate Heflin.

8. Is This Any Way To Run An Island? The laws of the new people's society fall apart and everyone splits to various parts of the island to do their own thing. Guest Star: Tim O' Kelly.

9. Dark Side of the Island. The discovery of a skeleton and several strange disappearances forces the students to mount an expedition to the other side of the island to find out who else is living on Bomano.

10. A Bride in Basic Black, Part One. When several men begin to threaten and over-power the women, the women of the island join forces to make laws that will keep them safe. Guest: Jim McMullan, Pat Stitch.

11. A Bride in Basic Black, Part Two. Susan, forced to wed the over-bearing Ben Geary, seeks Geary's help when George becomes critically ill. Guest star: Jim McMullan

12. The Pied Piper of Pot. Steppenwolf thinks his fellow islanders are too uptight, so he grows potent marijuana that threatens to send the students into a harrowing, one-way trip. Guest: Richard Evans.

13. Speed Kills. Terror from within: The island experience has driven Warren insane. Now a dangerous paranoid, Warren has targeted George for death. Guest: Robert Drivas.

14. The Guns of Bomano. The discovery of a cache of guns leads the new people to select policemen for the community, but this causes even more trouble. Guest: Aron Kincaid.

15. The Prisoner of Bomano. Gene finds himself in a life or death struggle with a fellow black student named Heath, who believes the black students should have nothing to do with the white students. Guest: Billy Dee Williams.

16. The Seige of Fern's Castle. George is intrigued by anti-social Fern, the only college student who still lives in the crashed plane. Her life is now threatened by a washed up derelict mine from WWII. Guest: Susan Howard.

17. On the Horizon. A fishing trawler lands on shore, and the islanders now have a means of returning to civilization. But Paul is mysteriously opposed to leaving the island. Guests: Tyne Daly, Ben Archibek

End of Series

As far as products go The New People spawned few items. This novel called "The Came From the Sea" was written by 'Alex Steele' and published by Tempo Books (most noted in TV book collecting for putting out the Get Smart series) in September of 1969. The book takes place several weeks after the plane crash and starts out with a recap of the pilot. The plot takes off when three of the characters find a dead body on the beach. They can find no signs of what killed him until a crab like creature with eyes on elongated stalks and thick black hair is spotted. The creature shoots out a lightning fast tongue which pokes some poison into one of the characters. This sets up a major plot point as the New People try to figure out how to set up a transfusion.


In 1970 Dell Comics (famouse for therie movie and TV adaptations of almost everything) came out with a short lived series of comic books based on The new People. Shown here are the covers for issue #1 (on the left) and #2 shown on the right. The red people on the cover of the first issue are some of the 'dummies' they encounter on the island.


Other Information

There is some information about the show to be found at

For a while I confused this series with this other described on this web page about a sitcom of people who crashland on a desert island. Since this series apears to have come first I wonder where the idea for The NEW people came form? It looks to have even had the same name! after consulting with others it has been deterimened that this web pages is a joke similar to all the fake B-Movie producer pages fgloating around. Cool idea though!