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The Sea Devils were a line of toys produced only for a vary short period of time. Unlike their space born counterparts the Sea Devils did not seem to garner the popularity that Major Matt Mason did. My interest in these toys reignited at a recent toys show. Until I laid eyes on one of these figures I had no memories of them at all, but when I saw one memories of playing in the pool with these toys as a child surfaced. My wife got me two of the figures in a small boxed set this past Christmas and I have been enjoying them ever since. I am currently trying to find out all I can about this series of toys. I understand that there were two aliens in this set of toys. Or they may have been mermen. Of course they could have been sharkmen as one toy dealer claimed.

The black figure was named Rick Riley.
The orange figure was named Commander Carter.
Evidently the boxed versions of these two figures had the same box picture with the art reversed and the box art touched up to show the color of the other figure.
These boxed sets also came with a battery powered device which would propel the diver through the water.
The oxygen tanks on the back attached to a hand bellows similar to the ones used in many MMM toys. Then you pumped the tanks full of air the divers would submerge.
There were only a handful of sets made and as usual with Mattel products, there was a lot of overlapping of items contained within the sets. The largest of the sets contained a land and a water vehicle for those times when the land got in the way of your exploring.

I really could use any information you have to offer. If you find anything out please
e-mail me. Say... wouldn't have any of these toys stuck away in the attic would you?
or you can visit the center for collecting all sorts of nifty toys at
The Big Red Toy Box They have a fantastic Sea Devils page also!



I was surfing and came across a reference to SeaDevils on a Matt Mason site and suffered a memory flash-back of my own. Stumbled to your site and here I am. I had a Commander Carter in orange and remember being irked 'cause I liked the black suited Rick Riely better. Carter came with an 'amphibious' car - it was really more of a boat with wheels. It had a narrow prow widening at the rear with wing-like projections. It seated one figure with space behind him for the air tanks and spots on the 'wings' for his flippers. It also came with an 'aqua-sled' that the figure held onto that would pull him through the water. There was one of those battery-powered motors that would either clip under the car or in the middle of the sled to propel it through the water.

I am pretty sure the aliens were called sharkmen. I had one. He was green - kind of creature-from-the-black-lagoon-ish and had a mechanical (rubber-band powered) shark vehicle that he clipped under. You wound up the thing and the tail would swish back and forth and propel him through the water. I seem to remember a belt with a silver knife on it coming with one or the other figure.


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