I bought a new Mac the other day. It came in a very tiny box. About 5x6 inches including all the Styrofoam packaging around the unit. I guess the Japanese had gotten their paws on a 5200/5300 series Macintosh computer as this one had been shrunken to a very tiny size!


I am finding the mouse a bit small for my hand to use. It is not really that ergonomic though it does have a nice clicking sound. The mouse glides smoothly over the mouse pad which came with the machine. Clicking on the mouse opens a drawing window and draws stars in the shape of a constellation on the very tiny screen. I think a drawing tablet the size of a postage stamp would work very well, but they didn't seem to have one of those avaliable.

The screen (although my video camera would not pick it up all that well) was sharp and clear. Here is is displaying a word processing report on astronomy. Clicking on the keyboard reveals more of the report.

Writing on the keyboard turned out to be nearly impossible! The keys seem to be made for really tiny hands. Each key was labeled correctly and there was even a multicolored apple logo on it. The keyboard cable is not as flexible as it should be. The same holds true for the mouse wire.

May of the regular expansion ports are there and all in the correct position, but they are are all sealed over. Even the monitor adjustment opening were there. Even the screws holding the body of the machine to the front of the case are in the correct spots, though a bit larger. The relocation of the on/off button came as a bit of a surprise.

All in all I am extremely pleased with my computer purchase. Now if only they would make an iMac in this tiny format! The desk which I bought to hold the unit was not in quite the same scale of this computer. It is a bit taller than it should be. The chair is a bit larger too.

This unique item might make the perfect gift for the Mac person for Christmas this year. You can order on from the American Girl Company. Mine is going to be part of a new Virtual Vikki sculpture for my computer room. No if Only I could find a company that made tiny Scho-Ka-Kola cans in the same scale ; )

The Mini Macintosh is Product # GSAC and is $32.00 The Computer Desk and Chair is item GSF is is slightly more costly at $40.00 Thier phone number is 1-800-845-0005 (Oh I first head of this product on the MacEvangeList about a year ago)