Update 11-2-98 Digital Actors May Strike!

In a surprise turn of events today the famous "Swan" (noted record promoter and director of the Digital Screen Actors Guild) announced that a nationwide strike by all digital actors may be necessary!

Max Headroom? Never again!
"...and in my humble experience of dealing with various industury studio executives, both motion pictures and television, it has become apparent that digital actors are not being given credit where credit is due. For example take Dash from ZDTV's Internet Tonight. Not only is he not given a named credit on the show, but he is not even listed in the host section on the show's own web page! This kind of thing is not new. You may recall when ABC tried to pull a fast one many years ago with Max Headroom! I say 'Max Headroom? Never again!' and over the years the situation has become worse... ...if you recall I ran for this office on the platform of 'digital parts for digital actors' and I intend to make that a reality, but this lack of credit where credit is due just burns my splines! If actors like Dash are not given credit then union members may have to strike starting on December 1st. As you know this is one of the busiest time of the year with the Christmas advertising season, so I hope this situation can be ended quickly."

Dash Deserves Credit!
Dash is not alone in creditless obscurity. None of the dinosaurs in either Jurassic Park motion picture received named credits. The conflict with credit arose as the dinosaurs in these movies technically had no spoken lines argue studio executives. Meanwhile our Canadian co-workers to the north, busy working on Beast Wars and War Planets has agreed to support our strike should we reach an impasse.

Join the Digital Screen Actors Guild today! If you are a digital actor or character simply display this symbol of solidarity on your web page. Please make it a hypertext link back to http://www.snowcrest.net/fox

The Ditital Screen Actors Guild in no way related to any real union.

Local Member Disky picketing in front of the ZDTV headquarters building.